If you can go the extra mile ... TRAVEL TO OLYMPIA.

Few things are as powerful and effective as ‘Joe Q. Citizen’ constituent visits to the capitol. Over the course of this legislative session (ends April 26th 2009), there will be hearings for the education reform legislation in various committees, both House and Senate. There will likely be opportunities to offer public testimony at specific hearings (a minute in length, but you can submit a longer testimony in writing if you wish); or you can simply show your support by being there.  

Showing up makes all the difference.

Legislators judge the importance of an issue by the public support it receives!

Even if you can’t come for a scheduled hearing, a visit to Olympia at any time will be uber effective. Make an appointment to meet with your legislators and the education and finance leadership folks to let them know you want education reform for Washington.  

We’d be glad to help you prepare for your visit (email: ) but the most important thing is your showing up to tell your story – why strong school library programs and information and technology literacy are important to you; and why the time for education reform in Washington is NOW.

For directions, maps and information regarding parking and free shuttle service at the Capitol, please see: