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Washington Voices Speak: Washington School Libraries Need Funding

These are direct, unedited quotes taken from petition signatories. For reference and to verify authenticity, please visit the petition forum for instructions on how to verify. Thank you.


Research clearly points to the tremendous value students receive both from having access to information and from having
skills to access that information. Certificated teacher-librarians serving in well-resourced public school libraries for each
school are the most effective way to provide that essential value to our students. Steilacoom

The two school districts my 6th & 7th grader have been in here in Washington have had the same operating practices and
it's ridiculous.  Each has not been allowed to access the library freely, if they should have free time or need to call upon the library resources for an assignment.  It's even more insane now with my 7th grader not even having the opportunity
throughout his day to be able to find the time to access the library and even if he found the time, the library isn't open or available! Tacoma

In my experience, contributions that teacher librarians make to both students and teachers as they facilitate literacy and link them to information systems are immeasurable. To ‘cut corners’ financially by cutting library budgets is absolutely the wrong way to go.  To fund school library programs through the state takes this detrimental option for districts off the table and
provides access to specific specialized services that provide a foundation for literacy that is vital to academic success

Research shows this legislation is critical to student achievement in reading and all other subject areas. Schools with full
time certificated teacher librarians do better on standardized test scores. Several studies have been done in various states
and Canada to support this fact. Bellevue

Please support funding for libraries. Children who do not have access to a wide variety of books are not able to develop
healthy brains. This affects the future for all of us, whether we have children or not. Please support the funding of libraries.  Seattle

I volunteer at a grade school and can see the difference in attitudes, behavior and reading skills that the library brings to students and teachers. Tacoma

School Libraries need to be staffed by a highly qualified professional Teacher-Librarian. It time to stand up for students and staff in support of our libraries as places of learning. Kids are nurtured, learn to love reading, use technology and think critically in school libraries. They begin to grow and start asking questions about the status quo. It's one of the first protected environments where kids can freely and safely find accurate and factual information about themselves and others. Everett

The library is one of the only safe, free gathering places that the community has left. Seattle, WA

Public libraries need funding to maintain not only up to date print collections, but for online databases and other forms of electronic information.  Libraries have been the foundation of freedom in the United States.  Now more than ever, we need to support our information needs, rights, and freedom. Bellingham

Fully funding libraries to make them assessable the whole school day is a must.  Certificated librarians need to be available in school libraries as much as possible as teaching is taking place each time a student uses the library. Today with information at our fingertips, accurate resources must be found to support appropriate research information from the internet.   Chehalis

Certified librarians should be viewed as essential to students' basic education; they are 'literacy leaders' for students and staff alike.  I urge our lawmakers to specifically include libraries staffed by certified librarians as part of basic education funding. University Place

The love of reading needs books. Libraries have books and need staff to help our children learn to navigate and appreciate books. I still remember from about 1957 watching a remarkable librarian read books to our class at the library across the street from our school (there wasn't one in the school yet). She was MAGIC. I was mesmerized and my love of reading started there. Our children deserve the same opportunity to find magic in books. They need our librarians. Tacoma

The school library was where I learned I how to take charge of my own life-long education. Spanaway

As a teacher/librarian in a small size high school I see the impact of funding everyday. My budget is smaller now than fourteen years ago. Prices continue to rise and budgets go down - we can't keep up. Students want to read current books and they want to use quality subscription databases that cost schools a large portion of their library budgets. Please help fund school libraries at the state level. Thank you. Malaga

This is most important.  Students need libraries at school that are lead by trained librarians who can help them and the teachers locate appropriate books on whatever subject they are studying and/or teaching.  There are already four schools in Kent without certificated library teachers. Students need to hold the book in their hands, turn pages with their fingers in order to learn to read.  Reading is everything - it opens up the world to all.  Kent

Funding for libraries needs to be included in the supplemental budget.  Were would we be without libraries...we barely have enough $ to buy textbooks for kids, much less supplemental books. Vancouver

Libraries are an important part of a child's education.  Please help fund them to keep them in the schools. Lake Forest Park

Libraries are so important to kids and adults.  A safe place to read and relax, get on line.  Libraries are especially important to low-income kids who perhaps don't have a place to go at home.  Thanks.  Seattle

Librarians are the ambassadors of information technology. They pave the way for students, and teachers, to find their way through the complexities of the internet, keep them safe, and help them interpret what they find. All this and encouraging a life long love of books! Arlington

A full-time certificated teacher librarian commanding an excellent collection, working in collaboration with teachers, will continue to ensure that schools will have high student achievement.  Ridgefield

In this day and age, when currency and authenticity of information is crucial to us all as citizens, it is imperative that we employ teachers who are specially trained as librarians to teach our children how to navigate the information world. Please preserve our librarians! Oak Harbor

Instead of using taxpayer dollars to fund stadiums (where owners make ridiculous profits and pay sports entertainers absurd amounts of money), why not use this money to educate our children and keep them literate! Literacy is more important than funding entertainment for rich people. Snohomish

Library funding is critical to small school districts.  The state should fully fund libraries. Richland

School librarians are vital part of a child's education. Steilacoom

If we want kids to learn, we need resource people to facilitate that learning. Monroe

Reading, thinking, and information skills are more essential to kids than ever before and libraries are essential to teaching and nurturing creative and competent readers and thinkers. Bremerton

Our students need a full-time library/media specialist to assist them in their search for information. Federal Way

I've been teaching in a public high school for 20 years and have witnessed the positive influence that a great library and qualified librarian can have on students.  Please make strong school library programs a priority in Washington schools. Olympia

My whole perception of teaching changed when I became a teacher-librarian at my school.  If only all teachers, parents, community members and law-makers could see how much of a critical role a teacher-librarian plays in the learning process as well as the health and community of a school.  We get the rare opportunity every day to teach high level content often in a one-on-one setting -- at a table, next to a book display, at the computer.  I love this job!  Olympia

The joy of reading was given to me in second grade by Miss Dawson at Kennydale Grade School, Renton Washington.  She opened doors for me through my years by sharing her love of reading; recommending books to broaden my education; teaching me to reach out.  I cannot imagine a school without a librarian, without that caring person who gives of their time to make you feel special by sharing their love of reading and education.  Please support our librarians and resources needed to educate our youth. Olympia

Librarians are vital to our kids' education! Tonasket

Funding needs to go back to our students where it belongs.  What are we telling students, that learning is not important? Fund our school libraries! Redmond

It is crucial to students' education that they have access and instruction in the skills of information literacy that are taught in the school libraries in order for them to become lifelong learners and productive members of our society.  Please vote to require schools to staff libraries with good quality staff and provide appropriate materials to enhance our young people's educations. Anacortes

Libraries are the only way children of all walks of life have equal access. Librarians are the glue that holds it all together. A Librarian is far more than a desk clerk. Olympia

Let's keep this option off the table & give our kids all the books they want for as long as they want them. Reading IS fundamental. We let them down in so many ways regarding the WA education funding. We hope this doesn't become an issue in the state. Tacoma

As retired teachers, we know that the librarians are vital to help students’ access appropriate information with the new technology. We have both substituted for librarians, so we have seen the issue from both sides. Most classroom teachers don't have the time or means to keep up with this technology. Tacoma

This is crucial to the quality of our society. Tonasket

School libraries are absolutely necessary for the education and welfare of all students.  Waterville

There is never a good reason to not fund school libraries in every school in the state. With reading on the decline, it makes libraries that much more important Waterville

I am the co-chair of a library in a private school where I read to 100 children every week. I am also a Peabody award winning writer/producer/director of children's content. I see close up and personal how much the kids love the library and the many layers of enrichment it brings to their lives. If we are to ensure the education and future growth of our children's lives this measure is of utmost importance! Thank you for thinking ahead in cutting edge ways. Gig Harbor

Two people close to me were affected by library cutbacks.  Library skills are critical to children's learning. Auburn

Students of all ages need access to library media throughout every day. To limit their access is like telling the students it isn't an important part of school and life. Richland

The school librarian is the only teacher that works with each child and each classroom teacher to develop a collection that meets the individual and collective needs.  A professional librarian and trained support staff are critical to our children's success in school and life. But we need more.  We need better materials, curriculum and electronic information resources in the libraries.  It does no good to have a librarian using materials that are horribly outdated and uninteresting to children. Kirkland

The ability to find information through other avenues than the media is critical to the well being of our democracy now more than ever. Eliminating librarians is retaliation for not conforming to the FBI request for check out records. The only way to get away with governing by fear is to keep control of the information. Our children need to know how to find the truth. Snohomish

Librarians are the educational heart of each school. Students apply their reading skills, and learn how to select appropriate books to become life-long learners and readers. Our civilization depends on people who can think for themselves. Libraries teach, nurture, and develop those skills. Tacoma

We, the undersigned, call upon Washington State Legislators, Governor Gregoire, and the members of the Joint Task Force on Basic Education Finance to ensure that Washington students have full-time access to school libraries and a certified teacher librarian to provide a competitive education in information technology and literacy.

As a teacher, it is important that there be a certified librarian in every school not only for kids but for teacher and parents. Olympia

The programs and literature available at my libraries shaped my youth and love of literature and I am now an English major. To get rid of them would be a shame and a serious detriment to the youth and future of Washington State.  Seattle

Please fund school libraries with basic ed funding. Colfax

I strongly support the funding of school libraries including full time certified librarians, resources, technology, and facilities.  How can the school library be the hub of the school if it isn't fully staffed w/certified teacher-librarians and open during school hours?  We wouldn't think of closing a gym during school hours, so why would we close a library?  Our students deserve to receive full services from our school libraries! Colfax

Every year our schools fight for funding. It is time to stop that fight and fully fund education including libraries. No child should be with the benefits of a school library. Everett

Our School libraries need state and local funding so that our kids have the materials of today to learn from.   Please help them succeed by providing the best that they can have.  Thank you! Camas

Our school libraries need to be included in the supplemental budget so that they can be staffed with a full time, credentialed teacher librarian.  They serve as a valuable part of our children's education. Spokane

I am a 32-year veteran of education.  There is no doubt in my mind that librarians are extremely valuable educators in this ever-changing technological society. Tacoma

School libraries are ESSENTIAL to the health and vibrance of our schools, not to mention their role in supporting higher achievement. Please fund them fully! Bellingham

As a former Staff Assistant at Marrion Elementary School in Vancouver I strongly urge you to include funding for full time access to Library Media Centers and fully certified staff at all levels in our public schools.  These are integral services for all programs that wish to provide an excellent educational environment for students, their families and their educators. Vancouver

‘QUALIFIED’ and dedicated teacher-librarians, not just any teacher or librarian. Sequim

Please do all you can to ensure that our children will have access to a full-time certified librarian.  Our children are our future!!  Let's stop making sacrifices at our children's expense. Spokane

Reading skills are perhaps the most fundamental aspect in a child's learning...Let's support this greatest of all needs in our children's education! Everett

Support school libraries Moses Lake

Please fund our school libraries--make it a priority Moses Lake

As a business owner, it is important to me to know that people in our city have access to public libraries for a variety of reasons. A hallmark of a healthy state is healthy libraries. States and cities that shortchange their citizens by restricting access to libraries are shortchanging their own futures. Short-term financial budget cut gain; HUGE long-term loss. Please fund and support our libraries to the fullest possible amount.  Spokane

Libraries are the hub of learning both in schools and communities.  We must do everything possible to ensure our 21st century students have the opportunity to learn and grow from their access to information within a community of learners.  Monroe

It is mandatory that students have access to a fully equipped school library with full-time at its helm. That should include all grade levels (elementary, middle, secondary). The state of Washington continues to ask students to achieve higher academic performances and a certificated librarian at all school levels should be there to assist in both literacy and information technology. Vancouver

Having worked in the education field for many years, I feel that having libraries and qualified librarians and helps is vital to a well-rounded education for all students. Qualified people have the knowledge and the desire to help with the education of today’s student. Colbert

Rainier High School found an absolutely wonderful librarian this year.  He is a strong believer in reading and is also our tech guru!  The use of the library is tremendous! Rainier

We need people who truly exhibit specific skills, expertise and qualifications to assist students in their research and learning information literacy skills. Librarians are very qualified individuals with curriculum background working in a library with groups of very diverse people. Technicians, work-studies, part time people seldom have the training, education, expertise, etc. to teach the level needed to reach the different levels and groups of students that we encounter. Yakima

Our three children have had the great fortune of having a highly qualified librarian through their whole elementary experience.  She was an invaluable resource to them and us as parents in creating life-long readers.  I believe this is an essential part of a successful school and hope that you will do everything possible to support this for all our schools. Seattle

When you have a good Library system, you have a great place to live. Chewelah

I have taught in a state in which the librarian, music and PE teachers were all cut in budgets and no one in those schools picked up the slack. You can't cut these budgets this way, apply a state test to make sure it's being taught, and expect no attrition from excellent teachers. Teaching, as well as learning, must remain fun for the payout to be worth it. East Wenatchee

I am a teacher and cannot imagine running an effective classroom without a school library.  It would be tragic. Kirkland

I am not a parent, but even I can see that our community will suffer if school librarians are considered as an optional expense. My life and my personal successes were shaped in large part by interaction with school librarians for as far back as I can remember. Spokane

I am a Teacher-Librarian and my program is now nearly non-existent.  My time with the children has been cut and I have been assigned a second school that closes my main library.  My budget is being decimated and I'm hanging on by my fingernails for survival.  Please help... Wenatchee

Schools should all have fully-funded full-time librarians. Tacoma

We must support our school libraries, or we are saying literacy is not important! Vancouver

Children, students, must have professional guidance and access to library information if we are to have an educated society Lopez Island

School Libraries are a vital element in every school.  They need to be supported, and usage needs to be encouraged, to enable our students to become the best future citizens they can be. Lacey

Don't short-change our children's future. Yarrow Point

If they don't read young they never will! Cashmere


Fully funded and certificated-staffed K-12 public school library media programs are essential to a quality education.  Our
youth deserve no less. Longview

It's a sad day in our state's history when we have to fight to keep librarians in our schools.  Shame on our Office of Public Instruction. Silverdale
Please, this is SO important. Lake forest park

Libraries are an essential tool for all citizens.  School libraries teach our future generations how to use this valuable resource, as well as to enhance all facets of education.  It is a shame that this is even an item that requires the attention of the legislature; it should be a given! Yakima

School library funding and full time certificated teachers for such. Kennewick

I am a public school elementary librarian who sees the value of my work every single day. Kingston

Trained professionals are necessary to ensure quality service to students.  Paraprofessionals are great to help out, but they often don't have the ‘big’ picture or best of skills. Anacortes

As a parent, an educator, and the Director of an independent school, I urge you to take steps necessary to ensure that all the children of Washington state have full-time access to school libraries and full-time certified teacher librarians. Bothell

I am an elementary Teacher-Librarian who daily sees the benefit of collaboration between teachers and librarians to increase student literacy.  In addition, children love coming to the library and choosing books with the help of a certified librarian.  Wenatchee

Please continue the Library support for our school children. If we are truly to ‘leave no child behind’ we will need all the resources that should be available to us and to them. Thank you for your consideration. University Place

As a student growing up, the school libraries (and librarians) were like magic - there was always something special there.  It made me a life-long reader and learner.  Please make sure all Washington children have access to a library and librarian at their school!!! Snohomish

Our children deserve a certified teacher librarian especially in the High School. Granite Falls

Strong library programs are essential to our student's success.  When our school libraries aren't fully staffed by professional librarians our students suffer.
Our libraries not only encourage reading, but the critical thinking skills required for their future!
Support Libraries! Woodinville

Please Keep OUR Librarians! Come on!  Students NEED their guidance! Bellevue

Please fund schools and libraries to ensure that our children get the best education possible. Sammamish

I believe it is the duty of the state to fully fund schools and staff. Sammamish

School libraries are the lifeline for disadvantaged students, the heart of the school and the intellectual fountain for ALL students Ridgefield

My school librarian is such an asset to our school.  Our students would certainly miss out on a wealth of knowledge and experience with respect to reading and technology.  Please continue to provide for qualified and certificated teachers to be able to be school librarians.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration on this issue. Snohomish

As an elementary school teacher, I observe daily the benefits of a strong library program. I cannot comprehend the tragedy of not having this resource for our children, our future. Snohomish

Qualified school librarians are crucial for our children's education, particularly in helping them to develop independent learning and critical thinking skills. Eastsound

Personal contact is always more effective. The one-on-one assistance that a trained teacher-librarian delivers to the student client has no equal. Guiding a student through the research process to a successful conclusion; connecting a student with a book that ignites that love of the written word; providing support materials to the classroom teacher -- examples that illustrate the importance of the teacher-librarian. A position that cannot be cut AND provide quality education. Wenatchee

Full-time school librarians are essential to our children's primary and secondary education. Please make sure we have them at every school level! Kirkland

Our reading program depends on having a full functioning library and a full time librarian. Our WASL reading scores have been going up because we have an excellent librarian. Snohomish

An excellent, professionally run library is a luxury we used to take for granted.  We've taken so much away from our students; we must give them their fine library and technology! Pharr

Reading is the key to success Enumclaw

I worked as a paraprofessional along side a professional teacher Librarian in the Ocean Beach School District Secondary School for 10 years. When the District Administration removed his position as a cost saving measure I can tell you the program vanished! We used to teach students skills to find valid information both in books and on line. The program was reduced to babysitting without a full time teacher Librarian and open student access. Ilwaco

It is very important that our students have libraries to nurture their minds. Olympia

It takes all of us educating the public about what is happening.  Information must be accessible for all people so we can make informed decisions and when it impacts our children and society in a positive way, the obvious response will be one that supports this cause. Olympia

If we indeed value education, we need to provide our students with the means to obtain it.  One key ingredient is a complete library staffed by a knowledgeable librarian.  I am a high school teacher, and my librarian is crucial to the success of my students. Ridgefield, WA

I personally teach 2nd grade in Granite Falls School District--a district with 4 schools, and there is only 1 full time librarian at one school!!  There is another half-time certified librarian at the other elementary school, and library assistants at the M.S. and H.S.  When there is someone who is qualified that partners with the teachers, the impact on the students is significant.  Our librarian is phenomenal, and I couldn't imagine the literacy of our students without having her as an asset. Marysville

If our goal is the education and preparation of our youth, in a fiscally sound manner, then it would be more productive to keep skilled librarian/teachers, the heart and soul of a school, and cut an administrator. Eatonville

A school without a librarian is like an internet without a search engine; yes, it is possible to find what you're looking for but the process is very inefficient. Librarians bring a love of literature and a passion for helping both students and teachers access information and resources they need to do their job. Lake Stevens

It's very simple. Do we want to excel or expire? Bellevue

I always thought that learning was about books and so why take the most trained person who knows books and eliminate them from the education process. Dumb Eatonville

I am an elementary school teacher and know that my students would not receive the same quality of education they are currently receiving if we did not have a full-time school librarian.  Our librarian is invaluable to both the students and the staff at our school.  We need our school librarians to insure our students have the technology and research resources they need for a quality education. Granite Falls


I was a huge library user as a child and still am. The school library and public library are both very important to our child. It develops the value of reading and using information. In schools children are inspired and love to learn. The Library is the place for them to find the answers to their questions and wonderings.
Please support certified librarians and fund school libraries for all of Washington's children. Maple Valley

My son did not learn to read as quickly as his classmates. He learned to rely on the recommendations of our elementary school librarian and participated in a reading program in the library. He is now a reader. Our librarian welcomes the students into a learning environment and very professionally helps them adjust their behavior to respect and benefit from it. As a volunteer for 8 yrs, I do not see the need of this resource diminishing. Olympia

I witnessed the sharp decline in service in my Edmonds School District library some years ago when librarians all went were put back to the classrooms.  It took a long time to recover. Seattle

Librarians are very important and certification is not as important as experience.  Some librarians may have had years of experience that should be counted for as much as if they are certified.   Bellevue

If you want student to have a chance in life reading and literacy are well recognized as a number one target.  Empower your schools through supporting school libraries.  If you choose to let them decay and wane, so goes the literacy of Washington's youth.  High literacy = high test scores...Give Washington youth the tools they need to excel.  Tacoma

If you want children to read why would you stop them from getting to the books that they could be reading?  This is clearly a no duh situation. Tacoma

Students must have ready access to the resources provided by a school library.  These resources need to be available before, during, and after school daily.  We must do all we can to place books in the hands of children and ensure equity by providing computer and internet access to those children who lack these tools in the home. Tacoma

Library support should be funded by the state.  Do not pass legislation mandating that school districts support their libraries without providing the funding to pay for it. Shoreline

Students who become good readers are the most successful in school. It is through reading that a student will improve their vocabulary, spelling, writing, and reading skills. I know of no better way to help students to become good readers than through the use of the school library. A school library offers equal access to all children no matter where they live or their parents’ income.  Tacoma

As a Professional Electrical Engineer, I know how crucial school libraries are to the learning environment.  Having a library staffed with a professional learning resource specialist is nearly as necessary to the teaching of reading, social studies, science and literature as the classroom teacher.   Tacoma Schools should be expanding the library services, not cutting back. TACOMA

As a former elementary teacher I know how crucial school libraries are to the learning environment.  Having a library staffed with a professional learning resource specialist is nearly as necessary to the teaching of reading, social studies, science and literature as the classroom teacher.  How can the Tacoma School District not know this?  Shame on them! TACOMA

Every year they cut back a little more from the libraries in Tacoma schools. This year we lost important support staff. Last year we lost the money used for new books. The year before we lost the money for periodicals and reference books. It's time we start getting some of it back before the students that are having to do without fully funded libraries fail to graduate from high school. Yelm

Please save our children's libraries and librarians.  Without learning how to communicate we won't have any chance of competing in a global economy. Edmonds

All of our students need and deserve not only access to information technology, but also the information literacy needed to make it useful in their education and lives as contributing citizens. Langley

Our school certified Librarians are a vital contributor to our school children from Kindergarten thru College. Woodinville

As a fourth grade teacher I see the importance and value in having a certified school librarian in EVERY school. Seattle

Please support the requests to fund school library staff and resources via a line item in the State Budget under the Basic Education Act. School librarians teach essential literacy skills and help students become life long learners. This isn't something that should be left up to chance or local administrators. All Washington students deserve the opportunity to have access to fully funded libraries. Yakima

Retain our school librarians.  We need to fully fund education for our students in the State of Washington! Gig Harbor

School libraries staffed with certified teacher librarians are necessary to help students succeed in reading and research and to build leaders and thinkers for the 21st century. Wenatchee

Please support tools and resources at our schools. Shoreline

I am a teacher and value a fully-staffed library for readers of all ages! Snohomish

This is very important!  As a student I would have missed out on what became some of my most favorite books if my school's librarian hadn't suggested them.  I was also given the opportunity to volunteer in my school's library, which encouraged and led to my volunteering at my local public library.  Some of my best childhood memories come from those experiences. Kent

We need to make sure that all our students have access to libraries and trained librarians to help them become more successful students and ultimately also knowledgeable citizens. Everett

It is essential for libraries and a certified teacher be in our schools at all times for the maximum potential of all involved.  I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THIS IS AN ISSUE.  Besides the principal, libraries and librarians are the most important part of a schools success.

There is ever increasing indication that children growing up have fewer skills/knowledge in a time that they need to have more than ever--limited access to libraries  hampers learning. Gig Harbor

Fund with a line-item school libraries and librarians to work with our children

Please sponsor or support the requests by WLMA and WCSLit to fund school library staff and resources via a line item in the State Budget under the Basic Education Act.  School libraries need to have a consistent funding to help our students prepare for their futures. Puyallup

We, the undersigned, call upon Washington State Legislators, Governor Gregoire, and the members of the Joint Task Force on Basic Education Finance to ensure that Washington students have full-time access to school libraries and a certified teacher librarian to provide a competitive education in information technology and literacy.

Libraries are the foundation of democratic society and an invaluable place to spark our curiosity and underscore our learning.  Please keep our children's libraries funded and staffed with teacher librarians for the benefit of every child and our country. Seattle

Qualified teacher librarians are critical in inspiring a love of reading, especially in children whose families don't appreciate the joy and value of books. Matching a book to a child's interest and needs can be a life-changing experience, and qualified personnel are best prepared to do that. Thank you for representing your constituents' interests in this regard. Seattle

I support increased funding to support library services. Seattle

An educated and informed populace is essential to our country's future. School Libraries and certified teacher/librarians provide not only the resources but also the information literacy tools and skills our young people need to become informed and thoughtful citizens. Olympia

It would be a huge disservice to the students and teachers to remove certificated staff from the school libraries.  It would be like removing referees and/or coaches from an NHL football game and expecting the players and or spectators to determine the most valuable/successful team player. Spokane

As a school librarian and parent in the state of Washington, I urge you to support this funding initiative.  Our children deserve professional library services, up-to-date reading materials, and guaranteed and predictable funding of their school libraries.  This historic legislation will be a giant step forward in helping children in our state learn in all areas of the curriculum.  Thank you for considering this important petition and initiative.  Bellevue

Our students require this support to be able to compete in the 21st Century; as our county of Snohomish, for example, becomes more diverse, we require more targeted funds to create the citizens with critical thinking skills, the necessary guidance from library professionals and the timely materials to sustain our children's intellectual growth, academic needs, and reading interests. Trixie Belden may have inspired me in the 50s, but kids of today must be exposed to literature by Sherman Alexie. Tulalip

As a retired educator I can attest to the value of Libraries in poor schools.  Fund libraries and education fully.  The cost is far less than public assistance and the criminal justice fund.  It's a simple call, although not easy.  BE COURAGEOUS! Thank you. Spokane

A former assistant Surgeon General said today (on NPR) that education is the most significant factor for longevity. Librarians are an integral part of every school. They are more than necessary; they are essential. Seattle

School libraries are essential to the children of today.  Many kids do not have access to a town or city library and the school library is their only source of information for school projects, current events and reading for pleasure. Cashmere

We have many students without computer access at home. It is imperative to have certified librarians to assist the higher need students that are second language learners. Wenatchee

Supporting our school libraries with proper funding is fundamental to a complete education.  When you reduce library funding you demonstrate a lack of support for the literacy of our students.  Please make Washington state funding of school libraries a priority in the state budget and show that you really do care about the future of our kids!!  Cheney

Citizen supporter of school libraries Woodinville

I can't think of any ancillary services a school can offer more important than a library and librarian. Now if you want to cut back on football teams, that would be fine with me. Let's get our priorities back in the right place, for heaven's sake. Seattle

Quality school libraries with qualified Librarians are an essential part of helping all students and teachers reach higher standards and scores.
Support our children by supporting quality school libraries. Edmonds

Our school libraries are the core of learning how to FIND information. Libraries throughout history (Alexandria) have been the mark of a great civilization. Students in a school with a certified teacher librarian score higher on standardized tests. Go ahead, use your library to look it up. Olympia

All students need and benefit from access to libraries and librarians. This should be a constitutional right. University Place

Keep libraries strong Yakima

Libraries and librarians are crucial for informed citizens! Keep the funding for these equalizers that promote reading and informed choices. Yakima

Libraries are very important to kids.  Our schools must retain their libraries and their trained librarians! Tacoma

Libraries fall apart without librarians.  Schools need libraries.  Students need libraries.  How could you not fund this critical need in our schools?! Yarrow Point

School libraries are vital to the success of Washington's children and to the vitality of this state. Olympia

Reading is the fundamental skill that enables people to learn and grow and improve.  School libraries offer students the opportunity to begin finding the books and information they want and need to explore themselves and the world. They are a critical part of learning HOW TO LEARN. Vashon

All children need and deserve the best library access possible. Seattle

Libraries are a foundation for democracy! It is one of the last things about this country that is truly democratic. As a parent and a former teacher I am very discouraged by this. Please do something to save a worthy and essential group of educators! Seattle

It is disillusioning to know that our schools are always the biggest pawn in our State governments budgetary battles.  Cut out the pork and fund our schools the fullest extent.  Stop wasting our money and put it where it does the best good.  Our children and grandchildren deserve to be educated in this benevolence so they will pass it on to their children and grandchildren.  Pay it forward! Tacoma

It is appalling that we would cut our education funding at the basics (reading / literacy) level Tacoma

For many children, the school library is the only exposure that children will have to books.   A librarian is a vital because of their ability to nurture the library experience.   How sad of a society we have become because of the constant educational cuts being made.  Well-rounded children are an important part of our countries future!!!
University Place

Please listen to all these people!  Vancouver

In my elementary years, I had the most awesome school librarian.  She made us get excited about books and was really good at getting us to read, read, read.  I just graduated from WSU and I know she gave me some of the background to get me off to a successful start of my life's career. Selah

Thanks for your attentions on this matter. It is of great importance and will be extremely useful for the children. Redmond

My mother is a school librarian, and I know first hand how many students she has impacted since she first started this job in 1979.  I also know full well how much libraries enhanced and deepened my educational experience.  Please see that libraries are maintained and fully funded. Tacoma

I support fully-funded and staffed school libraries. Seattle

School libraries are essential as many research studies attest.  These resources cannot be fully effective without certified teacher-librarians and adequate funding.

Libraries will and should always be a prime source of first-hand information in our schools.  They are much more reliable and safe when young people look up information for whatever reason.  They should be at  or near the top priority for funding always and be staffed by certified school librarians. Puyallup

We need to keep resources for our kids, open options and let them learn, explore and fulfill.   We must support our libraries, and librarians to keep our kids potential expanding. Olympia

School libraries are an integral part of learning.  Fully funding and supporting them is essential to a quality education.  Everett

Information literacy is a skill without which our state can not thrive.  In the absence of a trained advocate, freedom of information will be diminished among our children and the future of democracy will falter. Woodinville

Please, we need to keep our librarians on the job. They are essential. Vancouver

As a current graduate student, I can't imagine life without libraries.  Access to information will spur young minds to new futures.  Please pay attention to this issue and vote for it. Seattle

This is ridiculous. Come on, Washington. Bellingham

So much information, so little guidance -- qualified librarians will help our kids sort it all out!  Sammamish

The children are our future!!  Let's supply them with what they need. Black Diamond

Librarians are essential to schools.  They provide professional assistance to students and teachers.  Students of all ages notice when programs are supported, or eliminated.  Lakewood

As a product of Seattle Public Schools, UW, & WSU and the parent and grandparent of former & current students in WA State & as the Association Coordinator for the Washington Library Association I strongly support this effort. The strength of our state economy depends on a well-educated populace & libraries and librarians are integral to a good education for students at all levels and all of us as lifelong learners.  This needs to start in our K-12 programs.  Seattle

This is an outrage that our children are having to do without these benefits! We have to make this right for them!
Port Orchard

I believe that libraries and public schools are two of the last bastions of real democracy available to citizens in our country.  Both must be supported fully. I say this as an Arts Professional who lived in the library growing up in my public school.  The library provided me with dreams, hopes, fantasies and possibilities.  Take this away from our children and you take away the power to dream and re-imagine the future. Seattle

It is imperative that support for public school and public community libraries be given to the fullest extent possible.  Support of libraries is the best gift to support our United State's greatest resource...our children. Thank you for your time, consideration and support of libraries. Tacoma

Let's enrich our future! Burbank

Now, more than ever, a love of reading as well as reading for information needs to be fostered. Please support our public schools and libraries. Sammamish

Librarians are so important in the grade schools - this is where research skills are learned, logical thinking is fortified, imaginations are challenged.  The middle schools and high schools expect that spark to be within the child and they need to learn the best sources for information they need. Spokane

Librarians are very important educators in my opinion.  They were very important to me as a child and I loathe the future if they are not there for my son. Tacoma

Library teachers are not only invaluable for students but for all employees of a school and the community they support. They not only help students learn life long skills but help other educators find materials to supplement and enhance their teaching. They also share their skills to help parents and community members. A library is truly a very depressing place without people inside. Spokane

As a former principal, I know first hand the importance of school libraries and a professional librarian to guide students in finding appropriate and relative print and electronic materials as well as other resources.  Please put school librarians higher on the funding priority list.  Thanks. Seattle

What could be more important to a country's deep security than having well-educated citizens?  Libraries and librarians are absolutely crucial in that endeavor. Tacoma

A love of reading and books is so very important to any person's success in live--right up there with mathematics skills, of course.  Librarians play a very important role in fostering this love.  In addition, they are now instrumental in teaching students how to search the Internet and use the huge amount of information available in prudent and intelligent ways.  The latter has become an incredibly important function and will only become more important in the future. Tacoma

Librarians are critical specialists! Spokane

You might contact the Washington State AAUW Legislative Chair to solicit that organization's support. Port Townsend

I am both a parent and a public librarian.  I believe that access to a quality school library, with a highly qualified school librarian is of paramount importance to my children's education. Spokane

The ability to read, think and process information is fundamental to being a successful citizen in Washington State.  The school librarian is a key component in the educational process to acquire these abilities; it doesn't happen by accident or by osmosis.  Keep our school librarians. Chattaroy

In my teaching school, students and teachers currently have a very limited access time to the library.  Many live in poverty and have limited access to books and computers. This is a valuable place for them. The school library is closed  two out of the five day week.  What a waste of resources! Tacoma


Full time librarians make an essential difference for our kids’ literacy and technology skills. Edmonds

Whoever would have thought that one of the most prosperous nations in the world could be so small-minded and shortsighted as to continue to reduce our library resources.  There are days in Seattle, WA, when our public libraries have had to close or hours be severely reduced.  Schools must have the best of facilities with excellent user-friendly access and highly trained librarians.  The distribution of and access to information serves as the basis for an informed democracy and stable economy. Seattle

I am a recent university graduate, and I can remember being a public school student, in Washington state, and using the school libraries often. I remember Mr. Livingston, my elementary librarian, and Ms. Fox my middle school librarian who helped my find more books and information on subjects that really interested me. I believe these librarians were just as valuable, if not more, to my educational success as any of my homeroom teachers and I want future students to have the same opportunities. Seattle

It is most important to me that my grandchildren have full time access to school libraries that are not only the source of a full and rich variety of reading resources, but also provide them with the information and knowledge they need to access the current information through the technology available in today's world.  To best facilitate this, it makes sense to me that professionally trained and certified librarians are necessary to educate them adequately. Olympia

I spent 20 years as a school librarian and saw the love for reading slowly slip away.  Love needs a heart as a home -- strip away the school librarian and you are ripping out the heart of reading in the schools -- and that love won't be nurtured on computers or the TV's or any slogan-laden, incentive-driven, ‘researched-based,’  cure-all programs that are being hyped to the schools. East Wenatchee

Please support school libraries with state funding to ensure that each school has a full time certified teacher/librarian to meet the daily literacy needs for instruction and guidance for our children as they require information literacy skills for the future. Puyallup

Having worked as a school librarian for 27 + years in a district that still has the good sense to support library programs and librarians, I cannot urge the Governor and the Legislators enough...You need to make librarians AND libraries part of the General Education Program.  So many studies show that students’ academic success is directly related to the existence of a teaching librarian in their school that we cannot ignore what research tells us. Again, I urge you, support libraries in schools. Shoreline

Please help us continue to enrich and extend our students' education by fully funding each public school with a 1.0 FTE teacher/librarian - library media specialist. Funding to provide our students with a full time and fully qualified library media specialists at all grade levels is KEY to their educational success. Tacoma

Libraries & full time librarians are absolutely essential in all our schools.  Please understand the importance of this and give it the appreciation and financing it needs. Spokane

The librarian issue is a canary in the coal mine, a symptom of WA Ed on the ropes.   I found out this morning that Auburn's looking at closing its district pool, serving 3 HS with 6 swim teams + water polo, & the community for swim lessons & lap swimming, because of operating losses.   (Our lifeguard says they lost $8,000 last year ...) It's a bigger problem than Librarians, but Librarians epitomize the problem. Auburn

I am a full-time high school librarian. I am fortunate that my district supports full-time librarians in all but the K-1 elementary school. However, all of the full-time librarians have other teaching responsibilities that pull us away from the library. Library aides fill in for us, but it would be more helpful for students to have full-time, certified librarians available in the library. We also need the funding for new books and new technology.  Chehalis

Full-time library access should be considered part of Washington's ‘basic education’ package. Seattle

While I recognize that the decline in school library staffing and services is a problem in Washington State, it is also a national problem.  What does it say about our priorities, when the First Lady of the United States, a school librarian herself, allegedly picked literacy as her signature project, but during her husband's tenure as president, our schools -- and libraries -- have deteriorated?  First step:  Fund our libraries! Bellingham

As both the mother of two children who love BOTH books AND technology, as well as the daughter of a librarian, I implore you to support and grow library programs and staff in the State of Washington. Camas

Libraries are the essential.  Elementary schools cannot function without them.  Ellensburg

I am a parent and teacher who depend on my school library and librarian to assist my students, and I use my public library regularly.  Librarians are the heart and soul of any educational community. If we want to show that we value a literate public, we must first and foremost support those that provide opportunities for us to expand our knowledge and stay informed. Renton

For many students, school libraries are the only access they have to the world of learning and literature.  Let's have Washington State lead the way with legislation that provides for library support as well as certified teacher librarians. Graham

There are so many great contributions librarians could make to a student's education if librarians were assured of jobs. Maple Valley

It's just this simple:  Do the right thing! Seattle

We all need our libraries and Information specialists in a world that is encompassing knowledge and increasing educational opportunities for our children. Shoreline
Information is knowledge, knowledge is power.  We need our children to be smart! Kirkland

Every school needs a highly qualified teacher/librarian. The school library is where I learned to love reading. To many poor students, the school library is their only hope to come into contact with books and to develop into lifelong readers. Fox Island

The library is the heart of a school.  Please work to preserve the position that teaching librarians fill in providing valuable support and many types of opportunities to students. Redmond

As a retired school librarian I can attest to the vital role which my fellow professionals play in the educational environment.  When we cease to be concerned about how to teach children the process of accessing information, then our society will suffer. Burien

In order to keep our students competitive with other districts throughout the United States, we must teach technology and information literacy skills in well equipped libraries managed by certified library media specialists. Bothell

Our public libraries have been cut to where it is almost impossible to take advantage of their services at a time that is co64nvenient to working people and students. Students have to be able to access library services in their schools. Seattle

Good luck Seattle

Without libraries and certified librarians working full time in schools there is no possibility for increased research capabilities that are the vital skills our students need.

I support from personal experience, an active personal relationship with Libraries and Librarians around my home state of Washington. These public resources available to all who come through the doors of the library, and, increasingly through the internet, must continue to be actively supported. Seattle

School libraries teach the skills students need to find and evaluate the vast amounts of information available to them. I know of no better preparation for thoughtful citizens than to know what you need to know, where to find it, and to be able to evaluate that information as to its usefulness and truth.  Free access to ideas and information is a cornerstone of a vital democracy.  Stanwood

Please fund school library staff and resources via a line item in the State Budget under the Basic Education Act. Tacoma

School libraries are one of the most important educational services that our schools supply. I greatly benefited from our school library and librarian, and I want my children and grandchildren to do the same! Seattle

As a school library volunteer in the Yakima School District, I see the value of school librarians in all our children's education. School funding must be a higher priority in Washington's state budget! Yakima

The people over and over demand that the government stop taking money away from our schools and spending it on the war.  If our government will not act on the will of the people, then that government is no longer legitimate and it is time for a revolution. Seattle

Outside of a dog, a man's best friend is a book. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. Seattle

When cuts to funding in education begin to lead some to suggest eliminating librarians that should be when the alarm bells go off:  ‘Cutting too deep!  Cutting too deep!  Pull up!  Pull up!  We're gonna crash!’ Olympia

I am an elementary school librarian and I work closely with teachers, parents, and children.  At this level, the first thing we do is get children excited about literature and reading.  I always work in little skill lessons, but as the children get older, I have a direct impact on their learning.  I provide resources for all content areas, and work with teachers to know what new materials are needed.  All of this is above and beyond the ‘check-in and check-out’ that my aide does.  Ellensburg

To cut librarians is to cut children's access to a directed pursuit of information and thus, to knowledge. Librarians teach how to research not just what to research. This creates the possibility for life-long self-directed intellectual growth. Seattle

When there is always money for war and corporate welfare (Paul Allen just got his trolleys by Lake Union) but not the necessary monies for such beneficial educational services such as school libraries then the people of this state and country are indeed being betrayed.  Betrayed by government that is not providing the services we want for our children.   Fund the school libraries to the fullest extent now! Seattle

Full literacy in information technology, from library to internet resources, and skills in sifting the wheat from the chaff in a data-rich world are critical to our children's success as informed and employable citizens.  Access to libraries and fully trained librarians is key to ensuring our children gain these key skills and remain competitive in a global economy. Seattle

Schools and libraries should be a top priority and not the place to cut corners. Vashon Island

Libraries are essential for preparing our students for the future.  Please support additional funding. Renton

Please quit taking away our ways to educate. Port Angeles

A good library is the backbone of Education Burton

We have a big struggle on our hands to get the schools and the libraries fully funded! Check out the op-ed I wrote about the struggle going on in the Seattle Public Schools--I realize now I should have included something about the library system! Seattle

The petition says it all - this is vitally important. Yakima

Good teaching librarians make the difference between a school library being an inviting place for kids where they know the librarian there will help them find the books/resources they need, and a school library being just another place for a kid to come in cold and have to figure it all out for him/herself. Edmonds

Libraries are an ‘OF COURSE!’ when it comes to our lives---and hence to funding. Spokane

This is a must in schools! Langley

At our school, our library is the center of our school.  Our librarian teaches several research classes and provides additional information when needed.  With a knowledgeable librarian, we get the books that we need and the expertise of some one who is dedicated and needed.  Okanogan

As a certificated teacher holding a masters in library science, I feel the only choice is to provide life long skills in literacy and technology. These skills should be taught by a full time librarian in a fully accessible, well maintained library setting. Port Orchard

Mounting evidence confirms that school libraries staffed by qualified librarians make a measurable difference in student achievement, including attitudes toward reading, the amount read, and increased test scores. Our school, with a certified librarian full-time in the building for the first time EVER, has increased circulation by nearly 40% this year so far. Our students are excited about reading, and are well on their way to becoming ‘effective users of ideas and information.’ Keep librarians! Yakima

Please fund books and technology in our school libraries!! Kirkland

Our children need the resources that our school libraries offer, not just the books, but also the qualified staff to assist the students as well.  Seattle

Literacy should be a top priority for all school children.  ‘The more we read, the more we know, and the more we know the smarter we grow.’  Kids need school libraries w/ knowledgeable librarians to promote literacy and build excitement about reading.  If today's children spent as much time reading as they did playing video games, we' be complaining how their vocabularies outsmart most adults.  Wouldn't that be a nice worry?!! Bellingham

Without education where would we be?  Without a plan and preparation for the future, where will we be?  We are setting the stage for our future citizens; what tools do they need, how can we prepare them.  Look forward not back.  We don't know the future but we can provide opportunities for individuals who will be there.  So much has been provided for us, isn't it now our turn to give.  Spend less on athletics and more for the evolving, thinking majority.  Thank you.  Ellensburg

This is an essential part of our public education. Do not sacrifice it!  Olympia

The importance of libraries staffed by full time librarians should be evident in this modern age of globalization, technological advances and huge increases in information readily available through various communication formats.  Please make this a priority to ensure our students success! Tacoma

I feel the State of Washington should secure state funding for school libraries.  I support Library Funding for schools in the State of Washington. Sammamish

It is bad enough that we eliminate the arts from students’ education. If they do not have access to good libraries and librarians either, how can we expect them to be ‘educated’? Seattle

Lots of research has shown that libraries are the most important key to kids learning to read.  It is incredibly short-sighted to cut their funding - or allow districts to do so.

I think it is important of all students having access to quality school library and information programs. Olympia

Without specific funding for teacher librarians, elementary students in my school district will continue to miss out on essential information skills and resources. Yakima
I have a difficult time imagining a functional school or quality education without a quality library. Bremerton

School libraries make a huge difference in student achievement. Please support additional funding for our school libraries K-12. Vancouver

Keep Washington Schools Strong!  Keep our librarians in our schools, full time, one per school, and also their clerks and support staff! Thank you! Vancouver

I feel strongly we need to support our students and teachers with full time Librarians.  Please protect our most treasured resources.  Children. Friday Harbor

Libraries are an integral part of a good democracy. If we can fight for democracy in Iraq, a country that has no history of democracy, and spend trillions of dollars in the long term, why can't we support our own democracy? Libraries need state support, as do all schools and other education issues that are being under funded at the present time.  Vancouver

If you really want no child left behind, keep each child actively reading and learning with the help of the school librarians. Bellevue

My children depend on libraries for a variety of things including homework, increasing awareness of the world around them and entertainment. A well stocked library is a must as is a full time librarian who can guide children to books of their interests Bellevue


Legislative action on this issue is critical for our students to ensure that information literacy skills be infused and taught in many curriculum areas.  Likewise, our school library collections must be developed by and nurtured by skilled, trained librarians to provide our students with the best resources possible.  The eroding of school libraries due to improper staffing is a tragic waste of resources that have already been spent. Libraries should be the heart of every school in the state. Indianola

To keep up the fast paced technology age, our school libraries need to accessible to students throughout the entire school day by a qualified, certified librarian.  Colville

If we are to have any chance at competing with the rest of the world we must put our children's health and education first and foremost.  Olympia

Funding of school libraries, from elementary to secondary, with teacher librarians is essential and should be part of basic education.  The money to purchase up-to-date materials, at all levels, is necessary in order to meet the needs of students for information and literacy.  Nine Mile Falls

Teacher-librarians are a vital part of the education system.  Funding should be made available to staff full-time certified teacher librarians in order to provide a competitive education in information technology and literacy. Tacoma

We have to stand firm on basic education.  Libraries are BASIC!! Seattle

Public libraries are as important as public schools to the well being of a community. Seattle

Media Centers and School Libraries are extremely important for our young learners. Please make sure that they are able to learn current practices with money for school libraries. Vancouver

Absolutely essential! Shoreline

I have children in the school district and we have all been touched by the librarians and all their many hours of help University Place

Creative staff and good resources help hook learners of all levels into actually enjoying the learning process!! Vancouver

As a person who has probably spent more time in libraries than most (double BA, MA, MBA and PhD) I firmly support fulltime library access by all Washington students and certified staffing. Bellingham

Please strengthen school libraries, especially important for underserved students. Seattle

We need to fund education including libraries. Mead

Would we send workers into the world without proper tools?  Ability and habit of using the library is a valuable tool for our children making a productive and satisfying position for themselves in the world.... a must. Puyallup

As a para-educator in a Tacoma middle school and parent of a high school junior I strongly support the libraries in schools as well as the librarians who are such wonderful resources themselves.  For many children the school library is the only one they visit or use on a regular basis.  The computers and other equipment may be vital to students' important school-related work or projects.  More cuts here are just what we don't need!  Restore funds as much as possible as soon as possible. University Place

I am a teacher and we once had a terrific teaching librarian in my school.  She taught incoming 6th-graders how to use the technology in our library to access sources, gathered references when students had research to do or papers to write, taught storytelling to 6th-graders and how to present information visually to 7th and 8th-graders who had projects assigned.  We started the STAR reading program at our school, and she ordered all books for the program.  Now we have a half-time librarian. Seattle

Fully support the petition. Outraged that it is even an issue. Kenmore

Children need access to school libraries for research purposes in almost all grades. In the elementary grades however the libraries are even more necessary to foster reading alacrity and interest in books. That is also where they learn the research skills they will need later. Federal Way

As a public librarian working with students of all ages & as a mother trying to instill both a broad general knowledge & love of the printed word, I deplore Washington State's lack of support for public school libraries.  We in the public libraries have to take up the slack for this major gap in the intellectual preparation of our next generation of leaders!  BRING BACK PROFESSIONALLY STAFFED SCHOOL LIBRARIES WITH SOLID & CURRENT COLLECTIONS!! Seattle

We need to keep our libraries open.  I have no objections to library technicians, as I am one.  We too are dedicated and devoted to the students.  If we loose our libraries, we loose our liberty.  Thomas Jefferson would agree.  Benjamin Franklin would remind you to of our basic human rights.  Access to information is relevant.  We will fight this!  Pity the politicians who would decide against our basic rights as citizens.  I do not believe they would be worthy of reelection. Lakewood

We have only an all-volunteer library complete with 100 % donated books.  Our district librarians have had to cover more than one school due to cuts in the budget. Please sponsor all school libraries. Thank you Buckley

Please fund our schools so that qualified, certificated librarians can run our libraries, teach our children important library skills, share and excite all about good literature for children, and help with educating our children in many other ways.  I am a teacher and grandmother of children in public schools in Wenatchee, Washington. Wenatchee

The school library is a place where my children's passion and curiosity get ignited-- it's the one place at school where they are completely self-motivated and expected to find for themselves what ignites their intellect. Sammamish

Librarians are a vital part of a child's education.  They provide insight into books and the workings of a library. Richland

School libraries are vitally important to all students and especially those that are working on their culminating senior project. Vancouver

Please don't take away the ability to learn to research, and know how to find there way around the library.  Are kids are already getting fat since they don't have PE anymore, do we need to make them stupid too? Bothell

Functioning libraries are a must for a complete education. Please keep in mind that libraries provide full access to literature and technology that many students do not have at home. Your continued support of libraries and students in Washington is appreciated. Brier

We need to support our schools so the KIDS can learn Not take the joy of reading and adventure away from them  Maple Valley

Librarians are essential to education. Olympia

Being able to tackle information and glean what one needs is more important than ever.  When you gift a child with a strong Library program with an educated teaching Librarian you are giving then a life skill, Tacoma

Education is critical in raising informed, active, responsible children.   Our country is falling way behind in having an involved and highly-educated citizenry, at a time when the world urgently needs solutions to the major problems of global climate change, etc. Eastsound

The library at our school is a PARENT ran library!  Our books are donated and the staff is made up of volunteers.  What is this telling our children?  Those libraries aren't important to our state to fund.  When I was in school we had a huge library with a full time librarian.  Why is it up to us parents to make sure that the kids get a library?  It shouldn't be. Buckley

Libraries open the world to our young people.  Libraries need funds to keep up to date on the latest literature and technology.  I volunteer in my children's school library and I see first hand how hungry for books these children are. Port Orchard

Libraries are too important to squander as dispensable items. Reading, research and the development of interest in media and books are critical skills, which need to be cultivated not culled! Don't be penny-wise and pound foolish! AUBURN

We need full time librarians. Sumner

Our librarian is constantly busy with classes, organizing reading events for the students, and enhancing our building. I can't imagine a school without one! It would be a shame!  Richland

As a classroom teacher, I cannot state too strongly the need for a competently trained librarian. SeaTac

I am a school librarian.  We need personnel and resources.  I am presently in charge of four libraries in my district and it is back breaking.  Ridgefield

I cannot emphasize enough how important full time access to top quality library professionals and library collections is for my students.  As independent learners in a high school program, my students are required to do nearly continual research.  They must have the assistance of trained library professionals to assist them.  Please help us to prepare our students to be knowledgeable, productive citizens. Eatonville

Libraries are important to our schools and to our children's learning.  Don't cut short this vital teaching area. Colville

I think that having open libraries with trained librarians at all schools is essential to any good education program. I am currently at a school that has an excellent and approachable librarian and it has made a big difference in the offering my kids different reading options. I cannot believe that a school can function without a library.

Highly skilled, licensed, certified librarians are essential for academic institutions to provide the level of expert help to students and staff for guidance in research.

School librarians are essential to the success of our students.  Tumwater

I sit within earshot of our Library and am amazed at the information our Librarian shares with classes that come in. I might also mention that these are the quietest classes I have ever heard; the students are actually listening and learning! I would also like to mention how much I loved going to the school Library when I was in school; I cannot imagine that the student interest level has changed, as our Library stays current, only our priorities seem to have changed. Des Moines

As a college teachers I know the ability to find and evaluate information is critical to student success in higher education Vancouver

Libraries teach our students how to evaluate and access quality information. They work with small groups of students to learn and retain these skills. Hopefully these students will be life long learners. Vancouver

Libraries are the infrastructure of education. We deserve well-educated constituents. Seattle

It is of utmost importance that school libraries be adequately staffed with certificated librarians. The staffing ratio needs to allow time for library maintenance, to keep up with the ever-changing information, as well as time for direct student contact time. Seattle

As a teacher-librarian I know the value of library services to our students.  Schools without strong libraries fail students become more prepared as citizens of a democratic society.  When libraries disappear, information becomes privatized and corporate--and that, my friends, is the beginning of the end for this grand experiment.
Des Moines

Continued funding for our schools libraries and computer labs is of great concern.  Our students deserve to have ready access to their schools libraries, librarians and research information whether it be in hard copy or electronic format.  With some county libraries downsizing staff and hours of operation, it is imperative that Washington students have the ability to fully utilize the resources of the school libraries. Yakima

As a Library Tech I know first hand the need for a quality Library staffed with a full time Librarian plus a Library Tech.  The positions are different and both are essential.  I have seen first hand how well students succeed in a well-staffed and well stocked Library.  I have also seen the problems that arise from a minimal Library.  If Washington is to move ahead in the ranking school Libraries should be a priority. Burien

Libraries should be the heart of all schools. Seattle

A child's self-education is impossible without expert and caring guidance toward the best literature and reading material available. Seattle

Washington, by state constitution, is obligated to provide basic education to its children.  To me this means that adequate libraries and trained librarians must be available to all students K-12 throughout the state as well as competent instruction in how to use library materials, including on line sources. Seattle

We need to have the Libraries Teacher at the schools 4 to 5 days a week. With it just open 3 days a week, there is not enough time for all the classes and enough time for the kids to be in the library to get books to read. We need the kids have books to read it's about kids and reading books that they can check. Please bring more DAY'S BACK FOR LIBRARY TEACHER. Thank You Tacoma

Every kid deserves a great library.  It doesn't happen by accident. Trained librarians make a huge difference to a school. Vancouver

Our trained librarian promotes literacy through her collaboration with grade level teams.  Our library has become the heart of our unincorporated area. Without her training, knowledge base, and interactions with the kids, they would lose tremendously.  Her way of engaging them in appreciation of great writing is a valuable asset to our school. Vancouver

Libraries are still an essential tool in learning for our children.  Books are still necessary!  Research guidance and skills are taught by our librarians, and apply to periodicals, reference texts as well as the internet.  Not all children have access to the internet at home, and rely on resources provided through our school libraries for help.  Keep the libraries funded! Thank you - Liz Squires Olympia

School Libraries are the heart and mind of great schools Ridgefield

Teacher-librarians work hard to develop well-rounded collections, share literature with children, teach library skills, help students and teachers find books and other materials, integrate library lessons with classroom content, and reinforce the curriculum.  This is a valuable job and deserves continued funding!
East Wenatchee Save our libraries Ridgefield

I'm a new middle school art teacher, and was horrified yesterday to find that all of the books in our school library are dated (nothing new since the 1980's!!!) and the selection for art history is almost non-existent!  Our kids deserve better!!! Tacoma

Libraries are the great equalizer in a civilized society. Access to high quality school libraries is an important element toward producing a literate, informed citizenry essential to democracy. Edmonds

Professionally staffed school libraries are vital to students in this information age.  I've been a school librarian for 36 years and feel it is so important to have an educated professional in the library working with our 21st century students. Vancouver

Full-time professional school librarians are key to student achievement at all grade levels.  They teach and reinforce essential information, technology, and literacy skills on a daily basis to the entire school community, as well as collaborate with classroom teachers to achieve curriculum goals. Seattle

School librarians are crucial to instilling in our students the love of reading and lifelong learning. In addition, these librarians are the major literacy support for our classroom teachers, who have neither the expertise nor that time to be current in the realm of literature and curriculum support. These professionals are invaluable.

Let's not skimp of education. Seattle

Schools with libraries staffed by certified school librarians score higher on state tests. Their students read more books. Vancouver

Libraries in schools open up wonderful adventures. Please support this effort. Give our kids this gift for their future. Kirkland

I volunteer in my elementary school's library and I see students who probably wouldn't have much access to literature through other venues gobble up books and other resources.  These kids need this valuable learning opportunity! Redmond

It is proven that student success in reading is directly tied to strong library programs.  It is critical to fund our school libraries and have qualified librarians. Seattle

Schools teach kids how to read.  Libraries give kids reasons to read. The first makes no sense without the second. Mount Vernon

Our children's education is constantly being threatened by cuts in budgets at the local and state levels. It's time to make our children priority, and funding school libraries is a great place to start. Please support this funding effort! Seattle

Our children are our tomorrow. Washington

state's school funding has seriously been compromised further with the reduction of library services.  I wonder if those making the decisions actually have school age children.  As if the WASL fiasco over the last few years hasn't been embarrassing enough, our state continues to work to reduce the chance our children have at succeeding, and ultimately, at being our future leaders of tomorrow. Auburn

Kids are our future. Reading is FUNDAMENTAL! Seattle

Our ‘Libraries’ are our main strength in our children's ability to compete with children in other countries. Richland

I am so saddened to find that the educational focus of our youth has taken a hit in the librarian department. The depth that a librarian offers to students goes far deeper than ‘just checking out books’. Speaking from experience reading/ books is an excellent attachment for furthering an education, this goes for the use of modern media also, i.e.: computers, which engage the activity of the written word. The need of librarians is often the first stone turned over in the journey of higher education. Des Moines

If we don't have the money to devote the resources (librarians) to nurture a love of reading and learning - we are sorely missing the boat.  Given the current demands on teachers - it would be detrimental to take away the librarian - it takes a village! Tacoma

Our school libraries, librarians and programs are vital to the education of our children. Please protect these services. Poulsbo

School libraries make a difference. Studies in 19 sates confirm this to be true. A library staffed by a professional librarian and support staff positively impact the teaching and learning within the school community. Auburn

School libraries are essential. Seattle

School libraries are important to the education of our children.  They need to be staffed by qualified professionals. Outlook

I spend two hours each week in an elementary school library and appreciate the importance of a well-trained librarian who can assist students in finding and using correctly the resources available for them. Please support adequate funding for this important segment of the educational experience of our children. Anacortes

School libraries are important to our kids. Please ensure that WA students have full-time, certified teacher librarians in every school. Puyallup

Our elementary school library has resource material from the 70s.  This is no way to build a strong foundation for our children.  PLEASE PLEASE fund libraries. Tacoma

Books can teach kids, please do not cut this funding! Tacoma

WE have taken so much away from our schools; books and resources are some of the most valuable objects in the school.  Everyone does not have, cannot afford or want a computer, set of encyclopedias, or to buy books for their children to read.  Build up the libraries and keep our children's ability to live the dreams in books. Bothell

School libraries are a place where EVERY student can be served by providing a variety of titles and reading materials on a wide range of reading levels, in addition to a LIBRARIAN that can shepherd our youth in sustaining excitement for reading and learning. Seattle

It is incomprehensible that our school libraries do not have the funds to keep up to date books in the library.  Our PTSA gives funds yearly to fill in the gap.  My kids shouldn't have to go any further than their school library to find current books to use for reports, etc.  As it is, the information is many times outdated. Bothell

Librarians are an essential part of all school buildings. They not only teach valuable library and research skills that will last a lifetime (and are essential for college), but also help instill a love of books to children. Their wealth of knowledge in literature helps spark an interest in independent reading. This type of reading practice is vital for reading achievement to occur, and without a librarian steering kids to a variety of authors, genres, and book series, who else would do that? Mt. Vernon

With so much information available and our desire for our students to become Information Power users, we need to give them every opportunity to be successful in school so they are successful in life.  Certificated School Librarians are necessary to help students become lifelong effective, efficient and responsible information users.

Strong libraries make strong schools and stronger students.  Having a librarian in every school will benefit everyone. University Place

What is more important that giving learners access to that ‘just right’ book that encourages a life time of reading or helping learners learn to access and use information for the rest of their lives!  Olympia

We need these library programs. Vancouver

Good library resources and a library media certified teacher librarian to help maintain the collection and help students access it are essential to a high level of student achievement.  Information literacy is necessary to success in today's work world.  Knowledge of how to research, how to access and use library resources, and exposure to a variety of genres that will assure a high level of literacy is something that no student should graduate without.  School libraries need generous funding! Bellevue

Please support our school librarians. They are the soul of our school systems. Oak Harbor

Fund the librarians...we need the book circulation to keep our children reading. Bothell

Our Library Media Specialists do so much more than just check out books!  We need their expertise (read:  teaching certificates) for our kids. Bellingham

The Library is the center of our schools! Bellingham

School librarians provide support for each student's learning and reading.  We support the faculty in program development.  We educate for the future. Burien

WE need good libraries and good librarians! Des Moines

Libraries are a vital part of schools.  Librarians play a key role in helping children to learn to love reading.  Since reading is the primary way we obtain information, it is essential that students succeed at reading to learn. Olympia

I am a middle school science teacher and every day my students use the library in one form or another. Please keep school libraries strong. University Place

Libraries are a way to ensure that all children have access to books and literary materials.  Children need to hear good reading modeled in order to become a good reader.  Librarians are the key to ensuring that we are a literate society.  Reading is the door that opens opportunity.  Please fund our libraries.  Please provide books for our children. Wapato

School libraries provide access to a wide array of books to meet all students’ interests and reading abilities.  Some students may never have this selection of material available to them in any other setting. Olympia

Please support the state budget for school libraries! Bothell

Libraries are a vital link in schools.  Schools can't be expected to provide a quality education when there is not an adequately supported library.  The internet is not the be all end all.  Books, literature and reading still play a vital roll in our children's education experience if we expect them to excel.  Seattle

I can't think of a more important educational tool than libraries . . . reading is education! Bellevue

School libraries are critically important for the development of our children.  Please support this valuable resource that has a life long impact on students, and provides an beneficial alternative to kids who are too computer and TV focused. Kent

We need the support to have on staff qualified, well trained, caring librarians in order to preserve the informational flow that is supposed to be offered, as well as the materials to have variety & quality available for the students that will conform our future leaders. Mount Vernon

Anyone who works with children understands the need for qualified and well-trained staff in the librarian positions.  In our information seeking society, we need to ensure that our children are given the education necessary to succeed in not only research and study, but in the full enjoyment of literature.  Please listen to those who know kids and learning best...keep our libraries plentiful with books and teachers! Puyallup

School Libraries are just as valuable as excellent teachers and good curriculum.  Without a good library, we are setting our children up for failure in life.  We are not teaching them about all the resources out there, nor are we engaging and developing a passion for literature!!! Federal Way

We must keep funding libraries.  Books document our future and our past, and open worlds of opportunities to our children.  It is the last place to go when trying to save money for education.  Reading -- just as an exercise -- builds neuron pathways crucial to brain development.  Reading builds a social context; let's a child have adventures, but also helps them avoid bad experiences -- learning through the characters' experiences.  Support libraries; support reading! Olympia

We require our children to pass the reading section of WASL but do not give them adequate support in our libraries - not much sense there! Tacoma
I've already seen cuts affect our students in the areas of science, foreign language and the arts.  Reading and research skills are fundamentals - the library cuts need to stop! Bothell

I have 7 grandchildren going through US school systems for the next 15 years.  I want to ensure they have every opportunity for learning that is available to them.  Our libraries are the main stays in our public schools-where the love and excitement of reading & learning develops & grows.  This morning my grandson begged me to get him to school early so he could go to the library before school started.  It is imperative to have qualified certificated librarians trained to teach & inspire kids. Tumwater

School librarians are incredibly important to me as an English teacher and parent of elementary-age kids. Olympia

Staffed libraries are needed for our students.  They need guidance in learning how to use the library as well as how to select appropriate books. Lacey

Our children deserve quality libraries and our libraries deserve quality books. Pullman

The school library has always been a very important part of my children's schooling, it must continue. Burien

Libraries are key to all students’ success. Research has shown that schools/districts with strong library programs have better test scores. What better symbol for literacy then creating libraries where children learn to value the reading and writing process. Bothell

Please support the funding of libraries in Washington State! Mount Vernon

Library Teachers are needed for the library they help the children with their learning and being able to study to enhance their studies. Continue to support the children and the libraries. Seattle

My wife is a certified librarian so it may seem a biased perspective but there are a million other things she could do but this is a passion.  Reading is a basic necessity to education.  Creating an atmosphere where reading is fun and a choice rather than a requirement is what these people do and our children and our society are the benefactors of this work.  This, like all aspects of education, should be expanded not reduced.  The short-term savings will create a significant long-term cost. Renton

It's very important to keep Librarians fully funded in the school system. Spokane Valley

As a teacher/librarian, I am busy from the moment I enter the library.  The families of our school community ask me to have the library open on Saturdays and holidays for them to utilize.  I think this is a strong indication that a love of reading has taken root in our community.  It is my strong desire to keep our library the heart of the school and to maintain a high learning standard. Mill Creek

Please support our school libraries!  In some places, like most of unincorporated (and unenlightened) Skagit County, school libraries are the only libraries for our kids. La Conner

Evaluating information sources is an essential skill and becoming more difficult. The professional teacher-librarian works to ensure students don't leave school without it.

It is imperative to have school libraries, funded by the legislature, staffed with qualified librarians and filled with complete and renewable collections.  Unfortunately, funding is such that when a district holds the librarian position in a high priority position, other important support programs are eliminated.  Please help us maintain our libraries in the manner in which our students deserve. Mount Vernon

Libraries are so important for children and adults to be able to learn about people and places all over the world.  We can't always travel to other countries but we can read and learn about them through books.  We learn about the past and our history also that reminds us of who we are and where we came from.  Save the libraries for our children and grandchildren to continue to learn and grow through books!!!!!!!!! Silverdale

Having been a classroom teacher and a librarian, I know the importance of the full-time librarian in the school library for our students. Olympia

It is a necessity to have certified teacher librarians in our k-12 schools today. East Wenatchee

Public School Libraries have never been in such peril. Our budget is always the first to be slashed when times are tight. We continue to see children advance through the grades without adequate reading skills. Competition from the video gaming community and television have a dire impact on the after school opportunities for pleasure reading. Time constraints and busy schedules of families make a further impact. Children often discover the love of reading in their school library.  Mount Vernon

I am shocked that this is even an issue.  As an Air Force family, we have lived all over America and in Europe.  Our children have always had school librarians.  How can schools expect to deliver a quality education without one? Spokane

As a former English teacher I am horrified at what the State is doing to basic education. Federal Way

Students need access to high-quality reading and research materials. A well-stocked library supervised by a qualified librarian can make a huge difference in a student’s ability to make full use of resource materials available. Renton

Libraries are one of the best things about this country.  They contribute to literacy and our culture. Des Moines

Learning to read and becoming a life-long reader has never been more important.  The role of school libraries in supporting young people's journey to full readership is crucial.  Fund our school libraries fully in order to build strong citizens who care about the future. Mount Vernon

As a teacher in a school with a half-time Librarian I can't tell you how limiting this is. We have a great library but these books are locked away from our students half of the time. With the focus on increasing reading time at school how will we do this when this great resource is inaccessible? Opening the library without a skilled person to oversee it would result in a huge waste of this great resource we have developed. Please fund fulltime librarians in every public school. Thank You  Seattle
The library and its teachers were one of the most important sources I had in school Spokane

As a child I remember how I looked forward to our class time in the library.  The librarians at my school were always there to help if I was looking for any book, and happily there for my parents when they didn't know how to find a particular item as well.  It would be a great loss to our children and the adults to cut any time that knowledgeable certified teacher librarians have always supplied us with pleasure. Port Orchard

We cannot deprive our children the same educational opportunities we received. Spokane


As a real estate developer I want to know that Washington State is willing to make the necessary investments in its educational systems to ensure that we have a thriving community.  I am willing to invest in our community but want to know that our leadership will too.  Governments that are unwilling to prioritize education and educational programs, which includes the type of library funding this organization is advocating, show a significant lack of forward thinking. Spokane

The eroding of school libraries is an example of pieces bit by bit disappearing and not having Teacher Librarian and school libraries specifically stated as important in legislative school reform efforts. My children are grown and they take their skills with them, actually inspecting libraries before selecting higher education and using the library to pass certification tests for their field- yeah the  early years of learning they found in their school and public library. Cheney

Our kids must have school libraries.  These are the only exposure some kids may have to books and reading.  These Libraries are vital!  And the school Librarians are unsung heroes who deserve a raise and should be considered an integral component to any educational system.  Waitsburg

School libraries need your support. Mount Vernon

With literacy being a main focus of education, it seems ridicules to short change our students the very professionals they most need. Colville

Creating thoughtful, interesting, eager readers and thinkers requires not only the skill of reading, but access to books and the knowledge and wisdom of professional librarians to help guide the way.  Libraries are the heart of a school, most especially a public school that serves ALL children, many whose families value education but must rely on schools to get books and informational technology into their children's hands. Bellingham

The staff and budget reductions made to library programs throughout our state cut to the very core of what public education should be about--equal access to resources for all students.  Those resources include not only current materials and technology, but also qualified professional librarians to teach students how to sort through the deluge of information and to become life-long learners. Federal Way

Libraries are more than books - it is a place where students can find information and learn how to use the information. As our society becomes information rich, our children need to know how to sift through the information, analyze resources and then apply the information. Our schools need certificated librarians to collaborate with teachers and students and be a part of the Basic Ed formula for both staffing and resources (it might be curious to see the average copyright age of the science section

School libraries are essential for learning. If we fail to fund them we do so at risk to the future of our state. An educated citizen base is a strong citizen base. Without educated, thinking citizens, we run the risk of letting others make our decisions for us. Fund school libraries now! Wenatchee

If it weren't for the library in my elementary school, I would not have been as engaged or informed on the issues that are vital to understand as an adult.  Literacy is the foundation for a strong citizenship. Olympia

As a classroom teacher, I know how vital school libraries are to student success AND teacher success.  We must insist that all schools are staffed with teacher librarians and funded equitably. Olympia

School libraries, with a certified school librarian, are critical for the academic success of our students. If it's okay to replace a certified teacher/librarian with an aide, is it okay to replace a classroom teacher with an aide? I feel very fortunate that my child goes to a school where the school board, administrators and parents care enough about her education to provide certified teacher/librarians at all levels.  She would not be the engaged reader and achiever she is without them. Camas

Our librarian is an indispensable part of our teaching team at my school, yet already there is pressure from our district to cut, cut, cut and his position is vulnerable. Seattle

Please fund our school libraries so that our resources may be updated and accessible. Seattle

It's less expensive to educate and provide knowledge for our youth than to incarcerate them when they don't have a chance to succeed through education. Seattle

As an elementary school teacher in the Seattle School District, I clearly see the need for full time school librarians to be present in each and every school. I believe it is very short sighted for a school district to cut school librarians in an attempt to save money.  Seattle

Many students do not live close to a public library and/or it is too dangerous for them to walk to a library alone in the dark after school hours. School libraries are essential to them. School libraries provide students with not just books, but also reading strategies and an opportunity to explore topics not available within the increasingly restrictive curriculum. Seattle

Please make sure to support full-time librarians for each and every school.  This is a basic necessity for education! Seattle

As a parent and a teacher part-time librarians have had a significant negative impact on kids' ability to access reading material for assignments, pleasure or research. 

Without school libraries and easy access to books and technology, our children are being cheated of the educations they deserve. Think of your childhood, and the worlds that you explored through books. Then think of today's children. Don't they deserve the same opportunities? Spokane

Access to libraries and quality, competitive education needs a huge boost and recognition of their critical importance to the economic and social survival of the state of Washington.  Get with it! La Conner

Libraries are critical to early development for our children. Spokane

Libraries are the heart and soul of schools.  If students don't have free and equal access to a variety of information sources, their pursuit of knowledge will be severely limited.  While those with Internet connection at home and resources to purchase books and magazines have the means to access information, millions of students live in poverty level homes.  Without their school libraries, they won't have the same opportunities as those with greater personal resources.  Please support libraries.

As libraries are at the center of the school, physically and academically, they should logically have what they need to be as strong and healthy as possible.  We would do no less than for our own hearts. Brier

Libraries are and should be the heart of a school. Literacy is THE lifelong skill that schools should instill in students. Librarians provide knowledge of books and technology that support this critical skill - without the direction provided by certificated librarians students are left without a compass in a vast wilderness of information.
Bainbridge Island

Keep libraries in schools!  As our children are faced with more and more information, the ability to analyze and evaluate that information becomes more critical.  School librarians teach children not only the love of reading, but they also teach them to do research.  They are at the forefront of the drive to teach our kids critical thinking skills.  Why would you possibly want to eliminate librarians from schools!?  Problem solving skills are paramount for developing successful adult citizens.

Libraries are the hearts of schools. They cannot live without them Seattle

Libraries and librarians are a necessity for a successful school! University Place

Please fully fund librarian and technology services in the State of Washington.  As an educator, I feel the children, parents and employees of the school systems around the state have been neglected enough.  The funding should not stop with just these services.  Education has been ignored for far to long, step up and take care of one of the most important things, a child’s education.  Seattle

Reading opens the mind to all possibilities and creates independent thinking people. Our future depends upon those who can think objectively, creatively, independently and with wisdom. Broad-based knowledge comes for books, NOT POPULAR MEDIA! Redmond

Yes to school libraries! Seattle

Libraries do not function well without a trained, full-time librarian. Not all information garnered from the internet is accurate, so students and adults need the resources of the library to validate their research. Spokane

My little girl has a learning disability and had a hard time with school for the first couple of years...but through hard work, great teachers and a lot of practice she has become an AVID reader and always looks forward to library day at school.  Many a time she has told me that the Librarian has helped her find books she really enjoyed but may not have chosen herself!  Please help us help our children become interested/excited about reading...the written word opens so many doors!! Seattle

Even in a digital age, kids need to understand the value of books, how to research and find information and simply the joy of reading.  We need libraries in our schools.

Please help our students be successful by insuring there is a full time endorsed librarian in every school in Washington. Each school library should be equipped with trained personnel and with adequate resources including current technology. Tacoma

Libraries are one of the most important tools to a child’s success in school. Seattle

Research studies in states across the country demonstrate the correlation between strong school libraries and students' academic success.  Washington aspires to develop a world class educational system; therefore, world class school libraries and library media teachers are essential. Your support of this initiative to provide world class financing for school libraries and teacher librarians in Washington is also essential. Lakewood

Support librarians in our schools. Ritzville

A teacher/librarian, delivering a rich program of information literacy, is helping prepare students to meet the challenges of the future world in which they will live.  These skills will not be optional.  They will be critical to creating tomorrow’s solutions.  We must not be short-sighted in our vision for schools.  BASIC education today MUST include abundant technology and the information literacy instruction to use it productively.  Make paths to the future, not roadblocks for our kids. Seattle

School libraries are so important to students in this state.  Every child deserves to go to a school library and learn the joy of reading.  Please help fund our school libraries at every level.  Thank you. Kennewick

Reading well is crucial to learning.  Libraries and librarians are often the main stimuli to setting children on the path of loving to read--many children do not get the encouragement they need at home.  Children who develop a love of reading will be more able to meet learning challenges as they go through school.  Yakima

All students should have a qualified librarian to teach them library skills.  They need help learning to find information for reports and other school projects.  Books have lots of information.  Computers are great, but everyone needs to learn good reading skills. A book is a good curl up companion and unless children are taught to enjoy going to the library for fun books as well as for reports libraries will not be open at all times in our schools.  Librarians need to be full time to help them. Kent

Our school district severely slashed our school librarians two years ago and it has had devastating effects on accessibility to books and materials; instruction from librarian; lost books and materials; and a sense of a literary connection within the school community. Teacher-librarians are an integral member of all schools and student learning and achievement is enhanced through their programs.  Please give the needed funding reinstate and maintain a quality full time library program.
Federal Way

Going to the library and getting help played a key role in my success as a student from grade school through my bachelor’s degree. A broad range of students from different backgrounds and with individual learning needs are in today’s public schools. Certified teacher librarians have the background training and know how to work each child’s needs on an individual basis as well as in a group; which helps each student’s success in school and life. Our state needs full time teacher librarians. Kent

Having a trained librarian as a resource for a school is an invaluable asset for everyone--staff and students.  They have the knowledge to help students unlock ideas and use them for themselves enabling them to be life long learners. Yakima

School librarians are a crucial resource to both our students and teachers in public education. Seattle

School libraries staffed with a certificated librarian are strongly correlated with academic performance Seattle

Parent, taxpayer, voter. Seattle

Many people think librarians only check books out to kids and read books the rest of the day.  Those of us in schools know the truth that we are all library teachers...
certificated teachers who teach literature, study skills, technology, geography, social studies and reading as well.  Without them our schools in Washington would surely plummet to 49th or 50th place rankings. Mount Vernon

I volunteer at the local library and see first hand how the librarian can direct, and actually teach patrons how to access information. In this world today one of the most important skills - as part of an education - is knowing how to access information.   Librarians at schools is not just a good idea, I believe it is essential. Cle Elum

I am a school librarian and a National Board Professional Teacher. I have been told repeatedly, I will be riffed should the school levy fail by my school district. Please reconsider this policy. Mount Vernon

Schools need to figure out how to spend more money on students and basic education and MUCH less on the bureaucracy and kingdoms they have created!
Spokane Valley

Our schools should each have a full time librarian to support our students and staff in curriculum, informational literacy and technology. Federal Way

In the age of multimedia, text literacy is more important than ever. Interpretation and understanding of meaning requires librarians to direct learners to a variety of texts that allow questions to arise, which in turn motivates the learner. Texts on shelves without guides limit access to both texts and productive reading experiences. Gig Harbor

Libraries have been the bedrock of education that insures everyone has an equal chance at learning. That standard must be upheld. Spokane

Let's put the literacy back in education.  If education doesn't support reading and literacy, it is hard to mentor children to embrace lifelong learning.  Librarians are the key to the information and reading experience that ALL children need. Spokane

It makes sense that we ought to prepare our students with the skills that will allow them to compete in an ever shrinking planet. Certified teacher-librarians are crucial contributors to the complete education of our students, as are their classroom and fine arts teachers. Let common sense prevail and let us make literacy and access to information technology important and indispensable components of our children's education. Spokane

An investment in school libraries and librarians pays off in higher academic achievement and retention in school. Spokane

Librarians are navigators thru the maze of the Internet, lending instruction, evaluation, and information accuracy to all. Information literacy is required to function in our global community and librarians point the way. Spokane

Two years ago the rural school district I live in decided not to replace the certified librarian who served the high school. Currently the high school library is staffed by an aide 1 period a day. The elementary library is staffed 2 hours a day by an aide. I find this appalling when the latest NAEP long-term trend reading assessment reveals that ... by age 17 only about 1 in 17 seventeen year olds can read and gain information from specialized text. My children deserve quality librarians! Pomeroy

Libraries are the gateway to literacy especially for those who have the least access to materials/resources for reading and writing.  School libraries are a child's first contact with literacy.  They should be highly supported--what are people thinking? Vancouver

Libraries make education and self-betterment available to everyone, no matter what your economic status.  Education is what makes democracy happen!  We need to support libraries.  Please do what you can to help finance them. Thank you! Vancouver
Full-time Teacher Librarians are a necessary ingredient for the success of all of our students in Washington. Renton

The skills required to engage and participate in the real world of the future are all taught in school libraries that are staffed with qualified teacher-librarians. Reading and information access skills are integral to our students' success. Those who study math and science will be left behind without solid reading skills. Gig Harbor

Please fund school libraries! Make it easy for students to read books! Edmonds

The 21 century skills that the students can gain through their school libraries and associated technology will allow them to fully participate in tomorrow's workforce. Tacoma

School libraries are the heart and soul of a democratic society. Library Media Specialists are surgeons of problem solving.  Intellectual growth and well being (the traits that separate humans from mere animals)  rests in their hands, and they are masters of their art. Taking away school libraries and library media specialists from an community is worse than removing a hospital and its surgeons. Issaquah

Libraries are needed now more than ever!  The capacity to link to the internet should be available without restriction in pursuit of information, innovation, and creative thinking. With the current FCC efforts to consolidate news sources, the library may be the last bastion of freedom. Olympia

With all of the graduation requirements students currently have it is imperative that they have full time access to libraries. Libraries must have up to date resources and librarians from elementary schools on up who teach students how to access and use information. Bonney Lake

I am a children's book author, but before that, I was an elementary school librarian.  I know firsthand the impact that trained librarians can have in motivating children to read and in teaching them “information skills.” Instead of giving lip service to the goal of literacy, let's actually fund that goal. Renton

The Hoquiam School District has no certificated teacher librarians and hasn't for several years. (Even through the great depression they had certificated librarians.) How can they be meeting accreditation standards in a time when so much is expected from teachers and students? Hoquiam

Libraries are the core of every school. They need to be fully funded and staffed to be effective. An excellent library program supports the school curriculum leading to student achievement. Tacoma

Libraries are the foundation to life long learning and the key to a free society. It is imperative that our children gain knowledge in accessing & using tools a library provides and develop comfort using any library anywhere. This is accomplished by exposing the child to their school library and librarian who can teach the skills, introduce the tools, rouse curiosity in varied topics, & allow comfort in a library environment to develop. This is essential to enjoy the freedoms our society provides. Seattle

Librarians and IT professionals allow me to work more effectively and efficiently with my 140+ eighth graders in the classroom. Please support them through adequate funding and recognition of their VITAL roles in our schools. Nine Mile Falls

I am appalled at the number of children in our high school who are not reading at grade level and are unable to make use of the technology available to do anything to improve their abilities except to play computer games. My experience with families in the Readiness to Learn Project has shown me that most families do not take their children to the local libraries nor do they read to the children or even read themselves. Our children are dropping out of school because they are unable to succeed.  Steilacoom

There is no excuse for a lack of adequate research materials and qualified teachers to teach our children how to retrieve the information they need. All children need to learn good research skills; the best place to learn those skills should be in our public school libraries. For some children, school libraries are the only place where they can learn research skills. Students need to know how to find answers to their questions, and to solve problems using books and current technology. Brush Prairie

I am very concerned at the lack of time spent in the library this year. Kids aren't able to bring books home. Computer lab isn't being taught because of the little time the librarian has in the library. Bring back funding for our libraries please. Our children need to be surrounded by books, reading is very much a priority that needs to not be overlooked! Spokane

Libraries are fundamental resources not just for educating children but to implementing the CBAs and other state mandated assessments. Supporting libraries is to support the programs that OSPI has already stated are important. Mercer Island

It is appalling how districts cut librarians as a short term financial decision. Librarians should be a state-funded position in school districts. Spokane

I began volunteering at my granddaughters' school library in 2006. It is amazing the amount of teaching the librarian does.  What, where & how to research/organize information, not just in the library but on the computer, was taught by the librarian, not classroom teachers. Last year instruction time was a skimpy 30 min. per class; this year a further cut to 20 min per class a week. This instruction is critical. Full-time librarians are critical. We need 1 full-time librarian per school minimum. Spokane

As a Teacher Librarian in the Spokane Public Schools, I was directly affected by the cuts our school board and administration enacted. Closing up school libraries half the week or leaving them open without professional leadership and guidance is a crime and a misuse of taxpayers money. Students and staff need a trained professional to manage the library and assist patrons on a full-time basis. Spokane

I am a teacher librarian at a K-5 elementary school, I know first hand how important having access to high quality materials can be for low income and English Language Learners, students and parents, who do not have the resources to purchase books or have computers let alone access to the Internet. Without fully funded school libraries staffed by highly qualified teacher librarians, students are not receiving an equal education compared to those with the personal resources who do. Thank you. Yakima

It is shameful to see our beautiful elementary library, with computers, books and technology purchased by our community and through grants, sitting idle for half of each week due to cuts in teacher librarians. Targeting our public school libraries as places to make cuts makes research, literacy and enrichment unavailable to our public school students- many who lack private resources. The means to succeed must be available to EVERY child. Mica

All public school students in this state deserve equitable access to ideas, information and literacy instruction via their school libraries. If public education is the great equalizer; the school libraries must be supported to protect our democratic ideals. Shoreline

As a language arts teacher in Spokane Public Schools, my school's librarian oversees our computer lab, teaches students how to use technology and effectively research on the Internet, checks out books, purchases new books for our students, catalogs books, conducts library orientation as well as so many more duties. A school without a library is shameful.  LIBRARIANS  ARE VALUABLE TO THE SUCCESSFUL EDUCATION OF STUDENTS! Spokane

I have been in the library field for 40 years and have watched the library program in elementary schools deteriorate immensely over the years.  I truly hope something can be done by this initiative. Renton

Libraries are vital to our democratic society in general, and to education in particular.  Our world runs on information, and school libraries are the place where students can build the skills they need. Seattle

Libraries are critical components of good schools. Good schools help students prepare themselves for success in future life. They are also crucial partners in helping students meet WA state graduation requirements including WASL mastery and Culminating Projects.  NCLB has put many stresses on our educational systems with no remedies to help deal with these stresses.  Libraries and strong informational skills help all children succeed!  Help us save our libraries and our students! Olympia

This funding could provide the base for a true equity of information resources for the students of Washington State. Tacoma

School Libraries really provide a service to children that would perhaps not be able to make it to any other library. Please help these children. Seattle

We need school librarians! How can we have literacy campaign support, but not support our librarians.  There should be a least one fulltime librarian in every school. Budget the funds! Seattle

For the past six years I have been teacher librarian at two high schools in the Franklin Pierce District 402.  One school is close to 1000 in population and the other is around 1300. When the librarian at one school retired I was told that I would be taking that school on as well. Now that I will be retiring at the end of this school year I truly wonder if they will replace me with paras or do the right thing and hire a librarian for each high school. The teachers at both schools are unhappy. Steilacoom

The school library critical piece of our school 's academic success. In my former school when they cut the library the academic slide began. Seattle

Without a full time librarian who will see to it that our children have books to read?  Many of my children come from other cultures and their parents are afraid to use the Public Library. There should be no reason to not give schools a full time librarian. No excuse should be allowed!!!!! Normandy Park

Since all students are expected to perform at or above grade level in state-wide assessments, it is imperative that teacher librarians be present in every school building. We have expertise and skills that promote reading and writing fluency, as well as information literacy. Studies have shown that schools with a full time teacher-librarian, consistently perform higher on standardized tests. Washington students deserve the best. Do not short-change them! Puyallup

As a school librarian I hope to see the day that every public school in Washington State has a certified teacher librarian. Each day I not only have contact with my students in their weekly library class, but work with them on technology projects, book clubs, and “just right books” finding and as another person in the building that they can come to with a problem. I remember spending many of my recesses in the library as a student and hope that my students will continue to do so as well. Seattle

With the amount of information in our society burgeoning, it is imperative that our students learn how to critically analyze information sources to determine its value in making decisions. That is the job of teacher-librarians. Bothell

School libraries equalize the playing field for students with limited access to books.  Libraries at school and librarians are a necessity; they bring hope and knowledge to the communities they serve. Puyallup

I support taxes to support libraries. Bellevue

Libraries at all levels of education are core indicators of the quality of a school. We cannot afford NOT to have excellent libraries in our schools. Ephrata

A nation of readers requires full-time and equal access to well-supplied libraries and a competent certified teacher librarian to guide and inspire the students who go there and entice the ones who don't. Seattle

I am a school librarian and lost my job last year because of budget cuts. I found a job but now have been told my job is again in jeopardy because of budget cuts. Quality programs can't exist without quality full-time librarians. Tacoma

I learned a lot from my school librarian, and I hope my son will have an opportunity to do so, too.  But currently his school librarian is unable to offer time with many of the students, and the materials are not getting cataloged and filed without parent assistance. Please reinstate libraries as vital to school education, and put real funding behind schools. Seattle

Libraries are the centerpieces of successful schools and high quality education. There is no such thing as half-time high quality education. Seattle

My niece, a librarian, goes to as many as five schools each week -- she does not have time to know any students or to really work with them. She has a lot to offer the kids and yet the district she is in so de-values librarians that they feel it is merely a clerical position -- someone who buys books. Seattle

It's not an overstatement to say that school libraries saved my life. I was a welfare kid with abusive parents in a rich school district. Home was a hell, and my poor performance and messy appearance made the classroom hell too. Today I am earning a PhD in English instead of rotting in prison or being dead, and it was access to books, the alternative learning space of the library, and my schools' librarians who helped me survive those awful years. Seattle

Please help all of our students have access to information and the freedom to intellectual information via their school libraries. It could be the only place they can go to learn outside of their classroom. Seattle

A librarian provides the human attachment between a child and a book. My daughter, now in sixth grade at Eckstein, Seattle, benefited immensely from the literary muse in the form of two very skillful and compassionate librarians in her elementary school, the former AE-2, Decatur. She still talks about books they read to her, and reads series and types of books they recommended. Seattle

Our librarian is at the center or our school (a K-8 public school). He brings our school community together on a daily basis - teachers, parents, all grade levels, special ed, and hard of hearing students. He has created an environment that has made students want to read more...want to learn more. To cut back or eliminate his position would be like ripping out the very heart of the school. Seattle

I go into our local elementary school as a reading tutor for first grade students. I often see the library closed as I walk by it. Student's need access to libraries to develop their reading skills and to nurture a love for reading.  Success in school and in life in general depends on being able to read and comprehend what you are reading. Budget cuts should not be made by closing school libraries. Pomeroy

The funding of libraries, particularly school libraries, is critical to the education and lifelong learning of our students.  The technology in our library is minimal and old.  It is inadequate for the training of students in the essential skills for information  literacy.  Also, with the ever increasing cost of books, it is a constant battle to keep our collection current and stimulating enough to promote reading for pleasure as well as learning.  Research shows this is essential to literacy. Kennewick

As a teacher I count my school library and librarian as my most important school resource. It is impossible to imagine what our school would be like without them. Seattle
Please DO NOT cut our librarians.  It was a disaster in Oregon. The results have been  devastating and the effects will carry on for years to come. Sammamish

Librarians provide additional and alternative learning opportunities for students. In areas like technology, research, and information gathering and organization.  All skills needed in today's workforce.  Critical thinking skills and being informed are necessary skills to advance.  Following the loudest voice is not necessarily the best voice to listen to when making decisions for yourself, your family, your state, and your country. Tumwater

Strong libraries=strong schools Woodinville

Please change the way school libraries are funded. Our children deserve the chance to have books from their school libraries to read and professional libraries to teach them. Sammamish

When funding cuts occur, Libraries and librarians are always on the list of areas to cut.  Given the focus on information literacy and reading, schools without full-time librarians and sufficient funds to support a broad-based collection makes absolutely no sense.  Building good libraries which are staffed by professionals should be the goal of all school districts if we are to educate students for success in life. Bothell

I work in a university library as a student assistant, and I'm amazed at the number of students I help who have no idea how to find a book, write a citation, or even conduct an online search. The library where I work is not in Washington State (which is where I live) but over the border in Vancouver, BC. What's the connection? The province has experienced a drastic reduction in support for school libraries and trained teacher-librarians in the schools. I don't want to see that happen here! Bellingham

I think the issues outlined in the petition clearly speak for themselves. As a Washington State teacher for over 30 years, I fully support the concerns stated herein.... Olympia

Fully-funded libraries and access to certified library/information teachers are directly related to increasing student achievement--research proves this. Maintain their right to these keys to a basic education in the information age. Seattle

As a third grade teacher at a Title 1 (low income) school in Olympia, I see the necessity of good library programs on a daily basis. Information technology literacy becomes more important each year, and cannot be taken for granted. Many of my students will never visit a library with their parents. These children would be at a distinct disadvantage without our library program. Olympia

As a certified school librarian I know the importance of a professionally managed library media center in the school. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts in my district in 2001, my position was curtailed and I was put in a primary classroom. Since no district is eager to hire a librarian at the top of the pay scale, I find it unlikely that I will ever return to the profession that I was educated for, experienced in (21 yrs.),loved so much, and enabled me to impact so many lives in a positive manner. Olympia

Fully educating the students of our state requires research, reading, and critical thinking skills.  If our state can require the taxpayers to build a football stadium, it is absurd that school libraries are considered options. Spokane

The loss of school librarians in Federal Way and other districts is devastating to the literacy of our students. We need immediate funding before the situation becomes worse. The districts need a message that libraries are necessary. Kent

I've seen personally what fully funded school library programs provide, and the effects reductions to budgets and staff have on students. These reductions affect every student in the school house in terms of access to the library and quality materials available to them. The other meanie in this fight is the WASL and NCLB, and the desperation of administrators not to be tagged with failing schools, devoting increasing instructional time only for WASL assessed EALRs, everything else left behind. Federal Way

In a world where education has moved from learning facts to learning where to go to get the facts - libraries have so sadly been left behind in the funding battles. Libraries should be at the front of the line in any budgeting and Classrooms should be extensions of the libraries instead of the other way around. Librarians as teachers of research methods and resources have been forgotten. Please put libraries and librarians back on the radar for budgeting of education funds. Medical Lake

Please make sure that all Washington schools are staffed with full time certified school librarians to keep our children current with the age of information. Spokane

Please make sure that all Washington schools are staffed with full time certified school librarians to keep our children current with the age of information. Spokane

I was a high school librarian for 8 years, and I know, both from talking to my students years later, and from observing daily progress, that a teacher-librarian can make a profound effect on learning. Information literacy is critical to our students' success. Spokane

If we wish to remain competitive in the world market, we need to remain literate.  Taking away from libraries directly impacts test scores and literacy rates. Many family's only access to good literature is from public funding sources-libraries. We are taking from those children who need it most. Fluent readers from affluent families need constant turnover of good books and the introduction of good books by training educators. These kids are our future leaders. Should we limit their books? Olympia

When I studied for my BAinEduc at WWU in the late 1960s I learned that “Life Long Learning” or “Learning How to Learn” was the basis of a good education. I also learned that libraries and library-use skills are basic to that education. School libraries are a fundamental part of education and learning.  Please make them, through law, a real part of a basic education. Pullman

Currently, at Hawthorne Elementary we have a part time Librarian. It would be more beneficial to hire a full time Librarian to show students how important Literacy, the Library and the work of the Librarian, is at our school. To allow more time for each class and more availability to book check-out. Seattle

Why is this even being discussed?  Libraries are as crucial as banks, churches, voting booths, and supermarkets. Bellevue

One of the most important influences on academic success is the development of the habit of reading. As we cut library programs more and more, we lose an invaluable opportunity to encourage students to develop this habit. Bring our school libraries back! Bellevue

I feel very, very strongly about this. I work at a school and see how much librarians are needed by the students. Bellevue

2 of the 5 high schools in our nationally ranked Bellevue School District share one full time librarian - at one, Interlake, there isn't even a library assistant to provide coverage for the librarian to have lunch without closing the library! Librarians and library assistants must be included as foundational staff support for our teachers and students! Bellevue

I used to work as a library assistant in a school district where the librarian position was cut to half time at all middle and high schools. This was a terrible blow to the reserach and literacy education of all students in the district, although I did my best to fill the gap. I belive that a full time librarian at every middle and high school should be a state mandated requirement. Bellevue

I believe that libraries, quality library instruction and support services are essential to student success at any level. How can we stress learning outcomes as an essential mission in our schools when we cut support to services that help shape student learning in academic atmospheres? Student success is dependent on the tools and instruction they receive from all areas of academics, including library instruction. To cut back on library services is a disservice to students of any age. Vancouver

School librarians enable students to not only access information, but also to learn how to use that information at the point of need. They inspire students to read, help them find the books that individually meet their interests and reading abilities, and teach skills of research and reading that last a lifetime. Show me a reader, and I'll show you an active learner. School librarians are essential to public schools, especially, to create fair and equitable access for all students to resources. Oak Harbor

We don't even have a library at my school! Bellevue

School libraries and librarians are a crucial part of our public schools. We cannot afford to let the quality of public education erode further. Bellevue

We would be lost without our school librarian! Seattle

I learned how to read at my school library, discovered the classics there, and treasure my time spent there cursing researching assignments. Please make our libraries, and our childrens future a high priority. Thank you. Yakima

If literacy is our focus, we cannot afford to cut down on our labraries or our librarians. Our students need to know the joy of reading. Puyallup

Our children need all the encouragement they can receive to read. Reading levels are dropping to all time lows in the US and our democracy will disappear with the books if we do not turn this situation around. Please fund school libraries. Edmonds

Availability of resource materials is crucial for students to have easy access to.  Unfortunately, all students do not have computers at home.  Some also do not parental support with their studies.  Therefore, it is necessary for students to have this access at schools.  It is just as important that when going to school libraries that they have someone educated in this area to assist them.  Library assistants is just a way to save on the budget. QUALITY EDUCATION IS THE PRIORITY. Olympia

School libraries are vital! For many children, it may be the only library they are exposed to - their only chance to understand the joy of choosing a book for themselves - or for learning key information literacy schools. For a state committed to education, our lack of support for school libraries is ghastly!! Colfax

School Librarians are an extremely important part of a team of teachers who help educate students. Danbury

Let's not follow the path of Federal Way and Spokane School Districts. Make a school library part of the definition of basic education in the state of Washington.
Lake Forest Park

These skilled teachers are necessary to educate students to  productively funtion in an increasingly competitive and technological advanced job market and global society. Danbury

Just letting the state know I support this petition as an educator of the State of WA. for 30 years. Pomeroy

We need to keep libraries running at 100% with full time librarians. Duvall

How do we create citizens for tomorrow if they have no instruction in the means for tomorrow?  Our librarians teach so many research skills, both in print and electronic.  There expertise is critical for our students to learn all that we want them to learn.  Reading for pleasure has been documented in connection with higher test scores. If our libraries have no leaders in them, how will students discover what there is to discover?  Do we really want a future so limited in its perspective? Tacoma

Please support school libraries with a full time certificated teacher librarian in public schools in Washington State! Everett

The same librarian in every school, every day all week is an absolute necessity for furthering life-long reading and scholarship. The experiment with other than this in Federal Way is a failure. Auburn

We need to fund the schools in order to have a librarian in each school. Kirkland

Without Libraries, nothing. Olympia

As a librarian for 28yrs. in the Stanwood School Dist. I have seen funding drop to almost $0. There is no money to replace outdated or worn out books. We are told to keep up with technology, but we barely get by. Libraries should be the foundation of every school. There should be a $ amount per FTE allowed for each library in the state that goes directly into the library accounts and managed by the librarians, not the school districts general education fund. Stanwood

Certified teacher-librarians are a must if our children are going to meet the standards in Washington State. Camino Island

Funding libraries is extremely important. This includes not only the materials and building, but also includes the professional staff that help make it a successful environment for children. School librarians are required to be certified educators AND librarians. They go above and beyond in materials that they teach children, often accommodating different classroom assignments, teachers, subject areas, and grade levels. In this way, these librarians are teaching children a better future. Spokane

I teach in a school where more than 50% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch. The only library many of them see is our school library. The cuts to our program have made a huge impact on our students. The least of which is the reduction in the number of items they are allowed to have out at any one time.  How do students learn to enjoy reading when access is restricted? How do they learn to read well if they don't have the tools they need? Our students need a fully funded library. Edgewood

It is imperative that Washington students have certified teacher librarians to lead them in the INFORMATION AGE! Mount Vernon

Librarians are an important piece of a fully rounded education for Washington students, teaching skills that are used in the classrooms and throughout the student’s life. Librarians are necessary for Washington students to be literate in all areas of reading, communicating & analyzing information. Lessons & support that librarians give to the teaching staff is of immense & substantial value. Listen to voters; fully fund education, so districts don’t balance budgets at the detriment of our students. Stanwood

Librarians are important to the educational process in our schools.  What message do you send when you say someone is only needed to check books in and out to students?  Librarians are another sort of literacy learning in a school building.  We need our librarians! Camino Island

Libraries and librarians are crucial to school success!!! Bremerton

Libraries are a rich and invaluable resource to student learning. Appropriate staffing is the key. Camino Island

Libraries are the foundation of knowledge and learning.  In an era where sports and video games have gained in popularity and precedence, it is critical that we revitalize our libraries and make them a high priority in order to secure a future for our children and our country. Seattle

My first school librarian inspired me to discover a passion and love for reading and information that exists to this day. I could not imagine having the personality, interests, and ambitions I have today without a library in my education early on. Seattle

Our school library is a fundamental part of student learning.  It is a vital part of basic education and should be amply funded by the state to provide students with tools and opportunities to become independent life-long learners and productive citizens. Stanwood

School libraries staffed by certified teachers are essential to our students success.  Librarians are able to suggest books to fit the interest and reading abilities of students. Certified teachers also know and understand the district curriculum.  This allows librarians to provide appropriate materials for teachers to enhance and enrich the curriculum. Students and staff will not get this type of individual attention when librarians are split between schools or from assistants running libraries. Puyallup

School students should have full time access to library service. Kent

Schools without libraries moves us one step closer to Fahrenheit 451 where we are all ignorant zombies.  We need books we can see, touch and feel that don't tax our eyes and mesmerize our souls, that help us to think and reflect and we need the librarians who are expert guides in connecting people to those books. Renton

The notion that all information can be found online and that students know how to find it, evaluate it, read it and apply it by themselves is fantasy. A specific program to teach these skills needs to be in place in every school. School librarians in WA state, many graduates of the UW School of Library & Information, are highly qualified to do this. It improves students' reading, writing AND, most importantly, thinking skills.  Libraries need materials and qualified teacher-librarians. Bothell

The school library is the hub of a school.  Research has found that student achievement dramatically rises when classrooms and students are actively involved in a current library. Stanwood

There is no replacement for a library. Seattle

Through my experience, I have come to judge the health of a school based on its library media program.  Where there is a thriving, integrated library media program, there is a fine school.  Where there is no program or a weak, segregated program there is a weak school.  Fully staff and fund your school media centers with qualified faculty and give them support from the top down, and you will have not only good media programs, but your schools will improve as well. Tacoma

To delete these services is to short change our students' learning opportunities. They are our future - they need us to get them in place for what they will have to face. Bothell

We /must/ invest in our children's future; school libraries are the best investment value available--they open doors of opportunity for every child, regardless of socio-economic standing. Seattle

We are in a battle for our nations leadership role. We need every possible education aid if we want to stay competitive in the world economy. Seattle

Yes!! Give our kids the Best Resources and the Best Teachers. This includes the Librarians, who are valuable assets and educational leaders for students! Bellingham

The communication between a student and a certified school teacher librarian is essential in the process of turning information into knowledge; it is a key piece of quality education. Seattle

A good library and the wonderful librarian who ran it made all the difference for me when I was growing up. The learning that happens in a library is crucial to the development of empathy and critical thinking skills. Don't take libraries away from our kids! Bellevue

A great deal of research evidence exists that shows improved student performance when a librarian is present in a school. Please do not deprive children of the wonderful opportunities they can experience with a qualified librarian in the school. Seattle

As a 35 year educator I believe in the importance of highly qualified teachers. Leavenworth

As a Nationally Board Certified Library Media Specialist who is no longer in the library due to funding cuts, I strongly encourage fully funding libraries and staffing the libraries with certificated trained library media specialists. Information literacy is essential for all of our students. Their future more than ever depends on being able to access, analyze, and apply information. Trained certificated library media specialists are the key to our students' success. Milton

I am an elementary teacher that does not have a certified teacher as our librarian.  It would help us a lot if we did. Yakima

I come form the time of the Bookmobile, and School librarians and public librarians were a critical part of my childhood and all through my life. Education is a right, not a privilege. Seattle

Information literacy is essential for our children to succeed in life, and for our communities to be healthy and competitive on a global scale.  School libraries and librarians are an vital link for children to information literacy and to the world around them.  Please ensure the funding and quality of school libraries. Seattle

It is so important that everyone, especially young people, have current and constant access to source materials and people who can help them use them. Please make sure our young learners have the help they need to grow into thinking, learning individuals. Tacoma

Libraries are essential in the educational evolution of children. The computer / internet is not an acceptable substitute for books. Woodland

Libraries are one of the cornerstones of democracy and should be treated with care and respect. Edmonds

Libraries are places for kids to explore ideas safely. Don't take away this opportunity for the kids. Arlington Heights

Libraries are vital to our kids' educations.  Don't cut corners on books and reading! Bainbridge Island

Not funding libraries sends a message that education and learning are not important. The internet is NOT the solution because it is filled with misinformation that only a trained professional can help a student navigate. Kalama

School libraries have changed probably more than all other educational venues. Today's school libraries are active learning centers where students, use databases, gather information and create multimedia presentations. Today's librarians are  tech savy and know how to instruct students in all forms of technological research. Our children are growing up in a different culture. They need to be technoloically literate when they graduate from school and enter the work force. School librarians. Tumwater

School libraries are important! And it's vital that these well-funded libraries be directed by a trained teacher-librarian. Sammamish

School libraries are vital! Seattle

The hub of any educational facility is the media center.  As local budgets get tighter it is funds for media centers are being cut. The state needs to add a budget line to support school media centers. Woodland

The well run library and professional library services have been a tremendous asset for my 3rd grader - he actually gets excited about ‘library day’ which is every Friday for his class. Shoreline

I fully support this measure and am willing to help out in any way I can. Our children are the future, a lack of library and information resources will definitely be changing the landscape of that future. Spokane

I have been a librarian for the last six years and have watched WA districts cut librarians in the name of funding shortages. I don't understand their priorities and want to see librarians be a permanent. Seattle

I strongly believe that my school should provide library services to all students. Aberdeen

It is unthinkable that we would not provide good libraries & librarians for our schools.  They and our state need all of the help we can get in increasing the level and quality of education in Washington state ... and across the USA. Please consider this a priority. Port Orchard

It is essential that our young people are educated and knowledgeable and reading is important to interest them in learning and maintain their interest in arts, science, public action and world events. Seattle

Please vote to fund school libraries. We believe that the value of adequately funded school libraries staffed by certified librarians cannot be underestimated. University Place

School librarians are vital to the educational system. They are the teachers responsible for teaching students how to be independent, effective, efficient, and ethical information searchers and users. Anacortes

School libraries and school librarians are essential to the development of strong readers in Washington State! Lakebay

The skills needed for effectively finding and processing information are becoming so much more complex than they were even 20 years ago, making it more important than ever to actively teach students to critically evaluate the information they find and use. I have been a teacher for 18 years (a certificated middle school teacher-librarian for 4), and I feel that my role as librarian has made a school-wide, far-reaching impact on student literacy. Tacoma

I have worked in elementary and high school libraries and have seen the importance of libraries on student achievment in all areas of learning.  Students find books at their reading level supporting higher reading abilities and scores.  Research and internet skills support all academic subjects throughout students school careers.  Libraries serve an integral part in student success and preparing them to compete in our global economy. Sammamish

Librarians are providing a great service to the students in our public schools.   Reading is a fundamental skill and librarians make it fun! Sumner

Libraries are fundamental to the learning process. Woodinville

I feel that it is our responsibility as tax paying citizens of Washington state to continue to support the placement of teacher/librarians in our public schools in the state.  In looking for ways to trim a budget, slashing library services in certainly not an effective, long-term solution. Puyallup

In a smaller (between 200 and 300 students K-5), urban school, where 78% of our student population qualifies for free and reduced lunch, our school library is, generally, the only library our students have access to, despite the librarian's constant encouragement to use local public libraries, as well. These are the very children that need the most access to their school libraries! Currently, the library is closed 1 day per week, and will be closed the equivalent of 2 1/2 days during 08-09. Seattle

Library staff make an important contribution to student education as well as offering technical support to faculty and staff members.  With increasing technology comes the need for support and training, which in our school is afforded by library staff. They are more important than ever before. Green Acres

Now when students even more need to learn information literacy and technology literacy, not insuring funding for full time access to school libraries staffed with certified teacher librarians is negligent. Access to computers, internet, and google is NOT teaching information and technology literacy. Certified teacher librarians collaborating with teachers to provide instruction are critical. Poulsbo

Our children are our future. We need competent librarians who are knowledgeable of what is in their libraries so they can assist students in their learning. Latah

Our school library is an essential resource within our building.  I consider it to be the most important specialist area for students.  We are fortunate to have an excellent resource as well,  in our librarian. She is constantly at work, serving kids and teachers alike. She would be greatly missed if we were to lose her! Prosser

Parents in wealthy neighborhoods can pitch in to pay librarians (happening near us) but what will happen in poorer neighborhoods? This just makes an unjust situation worse. Seattle

Students cannot achieve in reading without libraries.  If students don't achieve in reading, then their entire academic career is jeopardy since one must read in order to achieve academically. Silverdale

There is no greater investment a nation can make than in promoting literacy among its citizens. Poulsbo

We NEED our Librarians! Spokane

With failing levels on Math and Science WASL tests, it is imperative that we use information technology to get these concepts across to our students. Technology is an excellent tool to develop differentiated instruction for our diverse student population. Woodland

Without school libraries, reading scores will go down and how can we expect to be a world-class educational system if our libraries are darkened. The library is where the world opened up for me when I was in school in the 50's and 60's. We can no longer afford to support stupid and thoughtless leadership in our schools. Silverdale

Every school should have a well-stocked library that is run by librarians that enjoy sharing their love of information both in books and online. Walla Walla

I wholeheartedly support adequate and sustained funding for full-time certified teacher-librarians, materials, technologies and facilities in all public schools. Steilacoom

If you can read this, thank the librarians and teachers who helped you, then please do right by the kids you are entrusted with helping. Seattle

It has been proven that school librarians increase literacy and improve student learning. Please don't let them fall by the wayside. Our children need them Kent

Kids need books more than ever! Shelton

Libraries are an integral part of any child's education.  Let's be sure they are available to the children in our state. Spokane

My children and their friends deserve to have equal opportunities for books and research the same as every other child in Washington. Olympia

School libraries and librarians are essential to the quality of education and to reinforcing reading as a necessary life skill. Anacortes

School libraries are too often the first place to cut dollars wanted elsewhere.  Libraries are an essential part of schools and should be funded accordingly. Moses Lake

Well-funded libraries are vital to children's effective education for an active, engaged democracy.  Please make full library funding and staffing by certificated library teachers a priority. Seattle

I teach at Roosevelt. Our full-time librarian became a 1/2 time this year. Last year the 2nd graders had library for an hour/week. Mrs. P   taught lessons & kids checked books in and out. I joined the class for the last 1/2 hr. She would have started them on a project using computer tech to find info. We researched and wrote reports about animals, countries, flags, and other topics that enriched our curriculum. Kids were so excited to be able to do this. Sadly, we are unable to do that this year. Spokane